Almost There Ladies Wanted To Wish Everone Luck

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nelly - October 10

I have already had my daughter I had her July 17. I know how all of you feel and I wanted to wish everyone the best of luck and a big congrats. If anyone has anything they might want to ask or share I will be more than happy to help and share my experiences. Good Luck Ladies!


kimj - October 10



Kel - October 11

Thanks!!! Im due this tues, the 18th! IM SO EXCITED i CANT WAIT TO MEET MY LITTLE MAN


nelly - October 11

Best of luck to the both of you!! :~)


Erin - October 11

Hi nelly, congratulations! Thanks for the offer...I actually would love to hear about your delivery, how it went and how long and what kind of experience it was. I am starting to get really nervous so thanks for the info! Good luck Kimj and Kel, hope everything goes great with you guys!


nelly - October 11

Hi Erin, Well this delivery was a tuff one, mainly BC my doc's would not listen to me. I was in labor, contractions every 10 mins and I dilated from 3 to 4 while in the hospital and they sent me home with ambien and perkaset and well that did nothing for me and my contractions were 6 mins apart and I decided to go back I knew I was in true labor and by the time I got in the car they were 2mins apart!! I was a 7 when I got back down there and the anasteologist was an hour late so it was to late for the epidural.I had her completely naturally. I had my 1st with an epidural and it was great. Sometimes doctors can be oh so wrong. I was in labor for about 7 hours with this one. My first was for about 19 hours. I was induced. I had a terrible time recovering from the 1st one and a great time healing after the 2nd. I think it because I was induced with the 1st. Have you lost your plug yet? I wen into labor 2 days after I lost mine. Anything else you might wanna know? :~)


Erin - October 12

Thank you so much nelly for the story. I am only in my 31st week right now but I am already starting to worry about labor! I can't have an epidural because of blood thinner shots I have had to take during the pregnancy so it will be a natural birth for me too, and this is my first baby. They want to induce labor after the 38th week, my doctors have already decided. Was the induced labor really difficult and what do you think made it a longer recovery time? I am so glad your recovery time this time around was better, I hope mine won't be too bad even though I will be induced. I really hope I can handle it! Thanks again for your help.


nelly - October 12

Hi Erin, your welcome,I am sorry to hear about your complications. I am not sure if the induction was why I had such a hard time or bc it was my first baby. I just figured that it was the induction a lot of women say that. Labor is rough but sense you know you will be having yours naturally you can take cla__ses and get prepared I was not planning on having a natural birth so I did not know how to breathe or anything. But I am glad that I got to experience a natural birth I would not take it back. Its an experience! I think labor was so long the first time bc she was my first and was bound and determined to stay where she was. Natalee on the other hand was bound and determined to be born.Dont worry yourself to death you will be just fine. Have you entered Clubmom on the internet? Its great just go to there are all kinds of forums of day to day life and fun things and games and even the expectant moms. You should check it out. My name on there is lilmomof2. Best of luck to you.



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