Almost There Nine Days To Go Anyone Else

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Tati - December 16

Hello to all, I was just wondering how are all you who are 38 week doing? We are almost there. I have my stuff all ready to go to the hospital. My stomach tightens up so often. I thought that I was having contractions couple days ago but it all went away. But over all I feel good. I still have energy and feel like I could still hold on for another week or two.


ameigh - December 16

im not 38 weeks, but i just turned 37 today! :) i cant wait, i have my bags packed already too. i was having braxton hicks contractions a couple nights ago as well. good luck! and share you birth story with everyone, i love to hear those =D


andrea - December 16

only 28 weeks-wish I were where you are at!Hang in there- you're almost done. New Years Baby, huh? That would be pretty neat.


patty - December 16

I am due 29th of dec and I really am doing pretty good...You are doing better than me though cause I still havent packed my bag or hubbys or babys but I do plan on getting that done this weekend. I think it will be fun picking out the perfect outfit for my little boy to come home in....I have bh contractions quite often and the baby is in that is a little unconfertable with the pressure but not really that big of a deal. Next week will go to the doctor and will be 39 weeks and he will ck me for dialation I am really excited cause he said he was going to stir things up a bit and I don't reckon that could hurt huh??? Where in the world are you I am in tenn.....


Rebecca - December 16

Hi! I'm 38 weeks too! My feet and ankles are very swollen and puffy but other than that I feel pretty good. I'm still working - only two days a week, but next week will be it for me! I've packed mine and bub's bag, and I've noticed my bh have been getting more frequent and stronger. Hubby and I and our families have decided to take bets on when the baby will be born. Were all going to put in $5 each and pick a date and time and whoever is the closest wins! It's hard to pick though!!!! I'm due 31st but I picked the 1st at 10am! My sister's boyfriend picked the 1st at 12am - that would be pretty cool if bub was born then! Good luck to all!


Jen - December 16

I am 38 weeks and due on the 30th. I am still working full time and will unitl I have her! I feel good but get tired aND HEARTBURN ALL THE TIME. i HAVE MY BAG PACKED AND THE CAR SEAT IN THE CAR.


Amanda - December 16

I will be 39 weeks on Monday and I am being induced that day!!! It is crazy how fast the time has flown...I am finally starting to get nervous. I have had my bag packed along with my boyfriend and my little peanuts since 36 weeks and this weekend we are cleaning the entire apartment and putting the carseat in the car so we will be all ready for the induction at 5:30 a/m on Monday!!! Wish me luck!


Jen - December 16

Good luck! How did you get them to induce you so fast?


dew - December 16

I have a week and 6 days to go, but my midwife says I could go at any time. I hope to go soon, I'm so ready, and so is my condo. I finished his room on Tuesday, my bags are packed and his carseat is at the top of the stairs. Now all I need is a baby!!


Jaci - December 17

I have 6 days to go!!! I'm so ready and excited. All of my friends who were due around me have all had their babies and of course I had to go and see them. I've got baby fever so baaaaad! I want my lil' man now! My dr. stripped my membranes this past Wednesday and said if I can make it to my next appt. (on the 21st) that we would set a date for me to be induced! I was excited to hear that...until yesterday. My mom is an RN in the same town and said that it usually takes about a week once the dr. says he's going to induce 'cause the labor & delivery floor can only have so many women laboring. So, even if we set a day...we could be bumped. I'm so sad now. :( But, hopefully things will go our way....I want him here for Christmas!!! :)


jaime - December 18

I am 38 weeks today and feel like I am going to go out of my mind waiting.... I am thankful though because I feel pretty good



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