Already 6 Cm Dialated

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liz_b - June 4

Hi im a little nervous. Im only 36 wks and 3 days. I went to the hospital yesterday because I've been having a constant soreness in my lower abdomen. When they checked me they said I was 6 cm and 90% effaced. They werent going to let me go home but after 2 hours and nothing changed and I still cant really feel any contractions, they sent me home. They just said to come back if my water breaks, or theres blood or I actually start to feel contractions. Is this wierd that Im not feeling contractions and Im 6 dialated.


^lucy^ - June 4

as i heard from many ladies around here, many women dont really feel te contractions.. consider urself lucky cz they're painful :) i gave birth 20 days ago to my 1st baby girl and i was admitted to the hospital late night when i was 1.5 cm and i was in so much pain from the contractions.. i delivered the next early morning.. but watch out for signs that ur going into labor cz things could happen quickly.. if u live near the hospital ur delivering in, it will be fine.. good luck its coming soon :)


HannahBaby - June 4

man your lucky!! i was screaming for mercy at 6 cms with my daughter!! And dont be worry about your dates, babies come when they are ready, i had my daughter at 37 weeks. She was 5lbs and healthy as a horse good luck


Jenn2 - June 4

I have a friend that was dilated 4-5 (according to her last doc check-up before giong into labor) cm before she felt anything!! Then she went to the hospital when she started feeling a little something, and by the time she got there she was 6 to 7 cm, and she said at that point she did feel a little discomfort, but not at all like what she expected it to be. She was then at the point when she had to choose whether she wanted to get the epidural (which she had planed on her entire pregnancy), and she said she honestly felt like she could have done it, but she was scared to get past the "final" point, and then regret it, so she got it anyway.


Mellissa - June 4

liz_b, it's totally normal not to feel them. when i got induced with my daughter i made it to 7 1/2 cm without feeling any pain. i cuold feel the tightening of my uterus, but it didn't hurt. after my water broke at 7 1/2 cm... oh boy!!! that's when the pain hit. i think i had maybe 5 minutes (long enough to go to the restroom and clean up, then get back into bed) before it got pretty bad. but don't worry... it wasn't TOO bad. i only had to deal with it for an hour and a half before i could start pushing, and pushing made all the pain disappear for me. consider yourself very lucky. :) my friend's water broke at 1 cm and she felt so much pain for almost 24 hours and her epidural kept wearing off... ouch!



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