Alycia S Homebirth Story

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Alycia - May 12

Baby Gareth Lewis is here! He arrived at 9:20 PM on May 9, weighing 8 lbs 13 oz and 20.5 inches long. His head was 13 3/4 inches. Because of the bladder infection, I had a LONG labor, but it really wasn't unbearable. It started at 1:00 AM on the 8th with bloody show and fairly easy to deal with contractions, although I wasn't able to sleep through them. The midwives came out that day, but things weren't progressing well and they diagnosed a bladder infection as the cause and gave me some antibiotics. I was crying with frustration when they went home because I had been in early labor for so many hours already and I just wanted to not be pregnant any more and to get some sleep! The worst part was going into the next day so tired and frustrated from what happened the firstt day. I kept getting up that second night to fill up the bathtub and lie in it to try to relax the contractions enough to sleep a bit. By 4:00 am on the 9th there was no WAY I could lie in bed during the contractions any more, so I started rocking on my birth ball. I did send dh to work for a 5:30 meeting because I was worried about keeping him home another day for no reason. By 6:00 I was pretty sure this was really happening, so I called the midwives and then at 6:30 I called dh to come home. He helped me cope on the birth ball by sitting on the bed with his legs on either side of me, holding my hands while I rocked through cx. The midwives showed up at 8:30, and I just kept on rocking until almost 5:30 that night! It doesn't feel that long to me because my sense of time was so screwed up, but dh assures me that I rocked on that ball, panting, longer than he thought any human could do so. The midwives kept trying to suggest different coping mechanisms, and I did try the shower twice, leaning against the wall with the water on my back during cx, but nothing but that blessed ball really worked for me. Of course, I was getting up to pee and throw up from time to time between cx too. Suddenly, at about 5:30, I felt really different, so I got up to go to the bathroom. I leaked the whole way there, and I was pretty sure it wasn't pee - it wasn't. My water was leaking. I puked my brains out again and realized I had hit transition. I got on the bed on all fours, and alternated between crawling in circles and rocking. That's when I finally got in the pool and rocked away in there, with a lot of beautiful (and NECESSARY!!!) counterpressure from the midwives. I was MEAN when they missed that I was having a contraction and needed it. I guess I started pushing involuntarily around 6:30, and I felt the urge to do so very shortly thereafter. I pushed HARD for three hours, and although it was difficult and I was exhausted (I had turned down almost all food all day and threw up what little I took in), it felt so much better than the other stage of labor. At least I was finally doing something instead of just dealing with it. I spent that whole time against the wall of the pool between dh's legs (he was sitting on the bed). Between contractions, I would put my face on the side of the pool to rest and during, I would grab his hands, kneel up and PUSH, PUSH, PUSH. After a while, the midwives kept saying to each other that they thought the head would be out with the next cx, but it just took forever. They told me later that they had never seen a baby crown so slowly before, but it was probably worth it because I didn't tear enough to need st_tches. This part was so frustrating, though, because I kept feeling him go right back up inside me after a contraction was over. Then I'd push again to the exact same point and that cx would end. Not only did it feel yucky when he sucked back up there, I felt like I was getting nowhere. But finally, of course, I got his head out. The cord was wrapped tightly around his neck once, but I got his body out so fast that it didn't really matter. It felt so strange when his shoulders rotated out and I was finally done! He was born underwater, and they quickly fished him out and handed him up to me. We kept his body under the warm water, but his face was out, and he was so cute! Actually, we still didn't even know if it was a boy or girl yet - he was covered in a towel underwater and all I cared about was that he was whole and healthy and I was DONE. I think the first thing I said was to dh about how he didn't look like either one of us. Then dh asked what the baby was - I checked and told him BOY!. Our guess had been right all along! After the cord stopped pulsing, dh cut it and held Gareth while I sat in the pool waiting for the placenta. After it came, I was losing too much blood, so I needed a pitocin shot and some meds, but all is well now. I'm just really glad I didn't need to transfer to the hospital - the last thing I felt like doing was going anywhere. Everything is going well, although I still feel kind of like I'm walking around with a grapefruit between my legs because of the swelling (thank goodness I didn't need st_tches!). We're all adjusting to one another, and the only big hitch right now is br___tfeeding. Both my nipples are cracked from slightly bad latches the first couple of days, but we're working through it. Thanks for reading!


Nora1 - May 12

Wow! Congratulations! Such an interesting story - thanks for sharing. Have fun with the new family! : )


mama3 - May 12

WOW is what comes to my mind when I read your story. Was this your first baby? You are one stronge women. Though my babys were natural I never felt safe or comfy enough to try it at home. Congrats big time!!! WTG mommy.


Jenn2 - May 12

Congrat's!! That is awesome what you accomplished. I am so wanting a home birth, but its just not doable where we live. There are no midwives anywhere near here. I have made up my mind that I am going to labor at home as long as possible. I live in a small town, so I am only 5 min. from the hospital. I will just feel more safe here than in the hospital around all that medical equipment and drugs. I dont know why that is what makes me most nervous. anyway, looks like you did it, and what an inspirational story yours is.


Alycia - May 12

Yes, it was my first baby, and thanks for all the kind words!


angelbebe - May 12

Congratulations!! I have been waiting to hear from you about your home birth. Wow. Even though it was long and difficult, you inspire me with your strength. ARe you just in awe now that it is over? So exciting. I am just playing the waiting game now for my home birth. I'll keep you posted!


^lucy^ - May 13

congrats n ur new baby boy alycia!! what an interesting story :) glad u and baby are healthy and happy :)


Tillie - May 13

Wonderful story!!!!! Thank you for sharing all the details. Many congratulations!


miraclebaby - May 13

Congratulations to you and your baby , enjoy


kelley32 - May 13

Congrats on a job well done and your healthy, perfect baby, I have to say that I have a HUGE amount of respect for women that go through labor and delivery with no pain medication ... after 12 hours, I couldn't take the pain anymore and got an epidural. Anyway, as for the bleeding, cracked nipples, try Lansinoh, it's pure lanolin that is completely safe for baby ... it's what enabled me to continue b___stfeeding and not give up even though I wanted to because the pain was excrutiating at times. The first 10 days or so are the worst ... your b___sts and nipples will adjust soon.


HannahBaby - May 13

Wow!! Congrats. Sorry that you had such a long hard time pushing but you have a beautiful little boy no matter what!!


meme - May 13

Hey, great story! Glad I could finally read it! lol Your story reminded me of some parts of labor that I didn't really remember to share with you... namely that time pa__ses so strangely & surreally... a lot of the things I went through I can only remember when my love or my doula brings them up. I pooped in front of them both on the toliet & puked almost right on my love. (There wasn't much to it though since I couldn't eat either.) What a humbling & yet cleansing experience! lol I couldn't sleep through contractions at any point. I woke up in the morning & they just came on... BAM! I was basically screaming through most of the 12 hours. During my transition, my labor almost stopped entirely... only three or four in three hours, although they were absolute KILLERS. That's when the doc figured out something was wrong. Oh, and the other thing your story made me think of was that I was in the tub the whole time. It did help just a little. Anyway, thanks for sharing your story with everyone! It is truly inspiring! You're an awesome, strong woman! Congratulations on your little one! Take care. :)


mom2b2x - May 13

Wow Honey you are a better and stronger woman than i . I could not have done that at home much less for that long with no pain meds i thought i was miserable whne i had my son 2 weeks ago and was only in labor for 3 hours and my epi didnt work .... i bet it was very exihilirating for you when he finally came out .... Congrats to both you ad dear hubby and tell him i said way to go on helping you that sounds great to have such a great man to help you with all of that.... Enjoy and congrats again



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