Alyssa Cheyenne Is Here

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Mrs.Steve - October 28

She arrived at 1:53 pm on Oct 26, at 8 lbs, 19 inches. I'm wiped out, but will give my birth story later. Good luck to all you ladies who are next in line! I'm thinking of you all!


HeavenisMine - October 28

What wonderful news and a pretty name! You two get some rest now, post whenever you see fit. :)


docbytch - October 28

Way cool Mrs Steve!!! I was wondering how you were doing. Trust me....I am tired so much more now...the adjustment to a new baby seems hard!!


lil-miss-saunders - October 29

Congrats :) And very cute name.


Anathi - October 29

Congrats with Alyssa nice name hey !


emfine99 - October 29

Congrats!!! What a pretty name! After all you've been through in the past couple of months.... you deserve rest!! Can't wait to hear your story! :-)


josie4 - October 29



tish212 - October 29

congrats! that's wonderful...even being wore out I bet ur over the moon with joy! and I bet shes beautiful!... I love the name....congrats again!


DaBonkElsMe - October 29

Congratulations! Hope things are going well!


staci - October 29

Congrats and best wishes!


VenusdiMilo - October 29

Congratulations!! Enjoy your little one :-)


Mrs.Steve - October 30

I still have to post my birth story, but just to let you guys know, you can see my lo's picture on the web nursery for the hospital. It's torrancememorial dot org. Look under baby arrivals, and it's listed under Alyssa for Oct 26.


Rainbowbrite - October 30

Just wanted to say she is a beautiful baby!!! congratulations on your special delivery!!!!!


nicole12 - October 30

Congratulations!!!!! She is beautiful


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - October 30

congrats, thats so exciting, can't wait to read the birth story


babylove4 - October 31

Congrats!! What a pretty Baby Girl!!!


docbytch - November 1

Oh she's a cutie.



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