Alyssa Lynn Born July 27th

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preggosauce - July 29

So here is my birth story..... On Saturday the hospital called and said to come on in for my scheduled induction. The Dr's decided I should be induced a week early because baby was measuring small. At about 2:00pm my husband and I arrived at the hospital. My last pregnancy I came down with Pre-eclampsia and i was SO thankful that this time around I had (or thought I had) avoided the same fate). They took my blood pressure which was fine, checked my swelling, I had none, and made me give a urine sample. WELL, the urine came back positive for protein. SO, they re-checked by extracting unrine through a catheter, and AGAIN it came back +1 protein. SO, what I had been HOPING to avoid allll pregnancy long, happened again, and they had to put me on that NASTY Magnesium to prevent me from seizures. (For those of you who have to go through that stuff, I feel for you!!!). It is AWFUL.It makes you have HOT flashes, and feel VERY your drunk. Anyway, after all the testing they got me started on Cervadil to ripen my cervix, they also incerted a folley to help open it up. (Not comfortable). Within an hour I was having pretty good contractions. At around 12am that evening I had finally dialted to a 3-4, and the Dr's decided to go ahead and break my water and start me on pitocin. At this point I asked for the epidural as I knew the contractions were going to get A LOT worse...After the Epi I was able to catch a few cat naps here and there. At 4am Sunday the nurse checked me and said I was at 5cm. About 45 minutes later I started feeling the contractions on one side of my body. Let me just say, that was THE WORST. For those of you who go through labor naturally KUDOS to you! Just feeling those contractions on that side, I felt like I was either going to pass out of throw up, or both. I CANNOT imagine going through labor feeling that. They had the Epi Dr. come back and give me some extra medicine and Ahhhhhh I felt so much better. At about 5:30 I noticed the baby's heart rate was dropping. The nurse and Dr. both ran in the room, told me to flip on my side, gave me oxygen and turned off the pitocin. The Dr checked me and said "OHHH, well, I guess your ready!!!" I was shocked, since only 1.5 hours prior I had been at a 5. They got me all set up, at told me to start pushing ( I could not feel a THING below my waist, so I wasn't sure how this part was going to go). After only 7 min of pushing , at 6:06am Sunday July 27th Alyssa Lynn was born weighing 5 pounds 10 oz. She is doing great and is so far and easy baby! She has a 2 yr old sister who is so far taking to this whole baby thing pretty well. My family is finally complete! thank you all for your help and support over these past 9 months!!


mjvdec01 - July 29

Yay!! With my first child I felt the contractions on the left side, and was completely numb on the right. It sucked. I know exactly what you are talking about. So, how many hours total was your labor? 14 or so? It sounds like you didn't have too rough a time. I am curious to hear how your daughter adjusts to the change over the next couple of weeks. We have a 2 and a half year old and our son will be 2 weeks on Thursday. Our daughter, at first wanted nothing to do with the baby, now however, she wants to, "pet him", and she talks to him all the time. She has kissed him a few times too. I guess we will see how things change once daddy goes back to work on Friday. Congratulations!! I had forgotten what it was really like to have an infant to take care of. What an adjustment! It is a wonderful feeling to be a new mommy again.


Justine1 - July 30

Congratulations on your little girl. Glad your 2 year old loves her sister.


softbreeze200 - July 30

PREGGO!! Yeah!! Congratulations on the arrival of your daughter!! I love the name as well!! Glad to hear that although the tests came back as such, all went well with your delivery and you are doing good as well as Alyssa!! Keep us updated how you guys are doing!! (HUGS!!)



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