Am I Alone

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first time mom - October 6

Well I'll be 39 weeks this Monday. Last few days now I been having no energy and I don't even care. Nothing apeals to me. All I want to do is either lay around,eat or have my baby. I know I'm not depressed or anything. Well maybe a bit blue..hormones...:( But yeah is this normal to just not want to do anything? Just been feeling kinda weird,like not myself almost.


JB - October 6

Don't worry, you are not alone, although some women are thought to suffer from depression in the last trimester. I agree with you 100% on the way you feel. I was cleaning like mad for awhile, but now I just don't care. I'm just tired of being pregnant and I want him OUT of me. This is my 3rd and of course 2 toddlers running circles around you doesn't help much. I hope this helps you out. Hang in there girl!! If you need to talk, I'm here!


J - October 6

I feel the same way. I am 39 weeks today and lost my mucus plug this morning and am 1 cm. I can't wait! All I have felt like doing is laying around. I have a 3 year old I can't keep up with. I am so hormonal right now I keep having breakdowns and yelling at my husband. I have been cleaning some until my back starts aching and then I stop.


Barb - October 6

I'm 38 weeks and I feel like doing no, you're not alone :) and I'm snapping alot at my makes me feel awful ..don't mean to......


georgia - October 6

im 38 weeks i just want to stay in the house in my bed i dont even want to get dressed all i do is think about having this baby waiting waiting waiting im soo sick of being pregnant sometimes i feel as if i cant take one more day i have a 11 year old little girl and a 7 year old girl alls they do is fight i want to scream my boyfriend is constantly stressing me out i want a beer and a cig so bad its really hot here in cali right now makes it more miserable tuesday i go to the doc he said well talk about induceing thank god


lisa - October 7

i feel just the same, im 38 weeks tommorow and dont think i can go another day without a baby, im so bored, constantly a___lyze my aches pains hoping im going into labour, to make it worse a friend who was due same time as me had her baby girl yesterday, i feel like a kid and shouting its not fair, i want to be induced but here in the uk they wont untill your like 10 days over aghhhhhhh, i will beg today at my apointment though, i cant take it anymore and fear that i will start to get grumpy and depressed instead of excited. it seems like waiting till new year to open your christmas pressies.... moan moan moan....glad you guys are here.


Rikki - October 7

I am 39 1/2 weeks and i feel sorta depressed. More anxious to have the baby. I have been forcing myself to get out and take a walk, no matter how much I don't feel like it. I just think about all the freedom I have now (this is my first) and all the things I won't be able to do when she gets here. (Like going out to a quiet restaurant) and it makes me get off my rump and go do them. I feel better when I come back home and sleep longer and better at night. Don't worry your baby will come, enjoy yourself while you can!


Tonia - October 7

I'll be 39wks tomorrow and Know exactly how you feel. I have a 7 & 5 yr old boys and they drive me crazy at times I find myself apologizing to them alot for going off on them when they do simple things and they mean no harm to me. Sometimes I just want to sleep the whole day and just have peace and quiet. Yesterday I was being real ugly with this DR. that had to see me b/c she wasn't telling me anything I wanted to hear. I do alot of apologizing to people. I think it's just b/c your body is tired and at times you don't want to be bothered or you're rushing for the baby to come when you want it to come and it's just not happening the way you want it to. But I know we will all be okay.


Worn Out - October 9

I have no energy and I'm always tired. It's so bad I don't care if I'm pregnant forever. I know it'll be harder when baby comes. If this is how I feel on good sleep, what will it be like on next to none? My other kids help, but I'm so scared.


lisa - October 9

me too about the grumpyness, m poor husband gets it constantly, its like im a wound up band ready to snap all the time, he made me dinner the other nght and i couldnt help but get really anoyed with him because it wasnt right, im compleatly irrational and actualy think one day soon ill go mad.



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