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SUZIE - March 7

The last few days i have been having Braxton Hicks contractions, i am getting them alot lately and are very uncomfortable. A dull like achey pain that comes and goes, nothing continues though. V Loose and frequent bowel movements pressure in pelvic/rectal area restlessness General feeling that something is just not right I have also read that these signs are of approaching labour. In a way i want to believe it is tru because i am in agont with this SPD and really feel like icant go on. Then on the other hand its probably nothing, i just want things to be over and i want this all to be signs of early labour. I am 35 weeks and 1 day today


s - March 16



Michelle - March 16

Ive been having Braxton Hicks contractions myself for the last month or so. I am 37 weeks now and I know what you mean by wanting it all to be over. I cant sleep good at night but Im so tired. Sometimes Ill just sleep sitting up.


Jenny - March 17

I don't think this is early labour. Your body is preparing itself for delivery and the dull achey pain is something I've experienced as well since the beginning and is getting worse now at 32 weeks. It's perfectly normal esp. if this is your first. As for the loose bowels, yes this could be a sign of labour or a sign of stressed digestive track given that your uterus has displaced your intestines to such a degree. Hang in there!


Karina - March 27

I am 36 weeks and I too have SPD. The pain was unbearable but I found that alternating between standing and being on all fours helps so much. Sitting and lying down is a killer. Not many people know what SPD is and pa__s it off as normal pregnancy aches but it is much worse than that. I do know what you are going through and I also am anxious for the day to arive. I have not been getting Braxton Hicks but have been getting loose & frequent bowel movements for the last 4 days and am too hoping that it is a sign that things may happen soon but prob like you I wonder if it's just wishful thinking. My Obs said that with SPD he could induce me if I can't take it anymore, Maybe you could consider that option. I am going to try to tough it out and am seeing a specialist next week to see if she can fix me or at least help. Good luck and seriously try the kneeling/all fours position, it takes the pressure off the pelvis.


kami - April 7

what is SPD?


Kami - April 7

Also .. i am 34 almost 35 weeks. i have been having a lot of pressure on my lower abdomen, upper pelvis area all day. it is very uncomfortable. and i have been really shaky the last few days as well. like when you don't eat for a long time and you feel shaky and you feel like you are about to pa__s out. thats how i feel almost all day the last few days. but it happens even if i am full or totally starving. i find that i can't stand for very long or i feel like i will pa__s out. any input from anyone ......


Toya - April 7

I am trying to embrace all of these symptoms of pregnancy, because it truly is a special time. We are growing babies and that is something to be ecstatic about! 9 months of a few discomforts here and there is nothing compared to the beautiful bundle of joy that will result from it.


Joni - April 11

I searched information on the very things you wrote about!! Today is April 11th so I imagine you have had your baby by now or are close to it. Everything you wrote about is exactly how I am feeilng, right down to the SPD and currently being 35 weeks and one day!!!! Just had to comment on the commonalities!! let me know how it went!!


wenling - April 12

I am 36 wks pregnant and seem to be going thru evrything you have except for the SPD, or maybe just a mild one.. I keep hoping that these are early labour signs but I also have this nagging feeling that these may just probably be my wishful thinking. I'm just pa__sing everday enjoying the last few days/weeks(??) of my baby's movements inside of me. I know I'll miss them after birth.. sigh...



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