Am I Being Paranoid

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mbud24 - January 12

I'm wondering if I'm reading into things too much. I'm 37w5d and today I woke up and have barely felt my baby kick around at all (she usually moves in the morning). I also noticed that my stomach is really really hard all over. I'm just worried there might be something wrong because I don't remember my stomach being hard like this all the time. She was moving a lot last night, but not so much this morning. Can anyone please let me know if they feel this way too this late into their pregnancy.


tritty - January 12

your baby may be preparing for labor. you could be having contractions that aren't painful and you don't really feel that are causing your stomach to harden and i've heard that when your baby is less active that can mean that it's preparing for labor (it needs it's strength too!) if you're really concerned call your doctor! i was also told to do kick counts (you should feel 7 kicks in one hour at a time in the day.... you pick the time..) anyhow, i'm sure everything is alright! worrying is part of motherhood :)


mbud24 - January 12

thank you so much, maybe you're right and my little girl will be here early.


DB - January 12

mbud24 I felt the same way the other day and I had to have a NST due to my high blood pressure and they said the baby was just fine. Yesterday she finally perked up and was moving more. I am paranoid too and I hate when she's being lazy!


cindernar - January 12

I was thinking that maybe your baby was preparing for labor as well. Have you tried drinking orange juice? THat always seems to get my little one going.


mbud24 - January 12

I did I drank a big cla__s this morning, she's moved a little more but not here usual crazy morning routine


Bailey2786 - January 12

she might of changed her moving patteren. Maybe she will move more at night now instead of in the morning.. my baby did that.. and actully was moving when I was sleeping and I din't realize it until I woke up to go to the bathroom one night and he was kicking away!



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