Am I Being Rediculus

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rachel_renee_20 - May 10

I've worked as a nurses aide all through my pregnancy, I'm 35 weeks and all the normal backaches have been replaced with stronger more frequent back pain. I actually have called off work the last two days because of it and it's been really nice. Problem is I just don't want to go back. Is that stupid or should I really consiter time off BEFORE the baby comes?


Jenn2 - May 10

Its not stupid that you dont want to go back. I am 36 weeks right now, and I have already quit my job ( I will not be going back after my baby is born). If you are not feeling well b/c of back pain, and you can take the time off.....I would do it. Are you planning on going back to this same job after a couple months, or are you staying at home for a while?


Renee-Marie - May 10

If you are 35 weeks, I don't think it is rediculiuos at all to stop working now. you have a very demanding job - physically, mentally and emotionally. It's time to "nurse" yourself!!!!!! Best to you and baby!!!!


Nerdy Girl - May 10

No, you are not being ridiculous at all. I would have loved to have time off before my baby was born. But make sure to look at the HR policies of your employer before you make any decision. Time off before the baby's arrival may shorten your maternity leave after the baby arrives. And if you just quit before the baby comes, even if you do not plan to return to your job, you could be giving up 6 weeks, 8 weeks, or 12 weeks of paid leave Jenn2, did you get your maternity leave pay? Where I used to work, most women remained relatively vague about the post-baby plans just to make sure that they would get their paid maternity leave.


tlew - May 10

You should consider time off b4 the baby if you can. Im also 35 weeks and this is my last week of work. I figure I need to rest and concentrate on myself and being prepared for my baby. Plus the distance I drive every morning is far, which isnt safe. Where I work disability begins 4 weeks before the due date. So check with your job first, but it you need to rest then you should. Good Luck :)


Alyssam21 - May 10

I don't think it's ridiculous either! I was on bedrest starting at 32 weeks and unable to work. Before then I was working full time as a liscense daycare provider. I came off of bedrest at almost 35 weeks. I have made the choice not to go back to work! Of course I made that choice because finances have permitted :) Its more of a personal decision then anything. For me personally (I'm 35 weeks) it has been wonderful! I have had time to myself (which was much needed) and time to prepare my house for his big arrival! For anybody I would definatly recommend some time off before baby comes simply just for a mental and restful preparation. I see it benefiting one for labor and those first couple weeks. But that's just an opinion of mine too! So whatever you choose do it for you and the baby! Good luck!


ash2 - May 10

honey i am too a nurse aide and i am 37 weeks pregnant. i also am probally not coming back after tonight because of high blood pressure and swelling. my blood pressure has been elevated for the past 3 days.


pbj - May 10

I don't think it's ridiculous at all. Just like you I had a job that required me to stand for long periods.(hairdresser) I quit working at 21 weeks, not just because of standing, but it does kill you by the end of the end of the day. I don't really understand how some women work up to the end...God Bless em' cause I couldn't.


TaraNMatt - May 11

I know exactly how you feel, its perfectly fine to stop working now. I cut down to 3 days a week and then two weeks before my due date(which is today btw) I stopped working. Its very difficult to deal with the aches, pains, not to mention how you can't get comfortable or sleep well and once you mix that with the stress of working its too much. No one will blame you, its hard work carrying that extra weight, hormones, and baby around. Take some time for yourself, I have and it was much better than dragging myself out of bed every morning to go to work. =)



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