Am I Being Silly

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angie - February 3

I hope this is not silly post, but I'm a little worried. My baby shower is tomorrow afternoon. The invitations were sent out like 3 weeks ago and we are expecting around 25-30 people to attend according to the hostess. I couldn't resist checking my registry on-line today, and was a little surprised to see that nearly nothing has been bought from my registry! I guess there is still time for people to shop, but geez! I'm a little nervous that my husband and I are going to end up buying everything ourselves since this is my only shower. Don't get me wrong, I'll be truly thankful for ANY gifts we get. It's just that pretty dresses and bibs don't do much to help in the care of a newborn. anyone else have this problem? or am I being silly? Plus, I registered for really affordable items and even went to 2 different stores so it would be more convenient for people. Thought?


angie - February 3

oops, I meant thoughtS


Lindsay - February 3

Angie, I wouldnt worry about it. Im sure you got some procrastinators on your hands here :) Also some of them might have gotten you nicer ____ than you asked for since you went for affordable or they may not have checked the items OUT of your registry <---guilty of doing this before. Every shower Ive gone to Ive picked up the gift last minute anyways. You will have some stuff leftover youll have to buy guaranteed- but you should, its your baby. If you are m issing large items, try asking around for some hand-me-downs. Im not having a shower at all I have people throwing so many hand me downs at me. I wouldnt fret...youll be fine. Enjoy your shower!


Girl Gilly - February 3

Here is a stupid question - but did you let people know you were registered? Yeah, I know - it's kinda like asking if the TV that is not working is plugged in - but it never hurts to ask the obvious!! My thought is that the majority of your guests are doing the last minute pick up the gift and wrap it thing. Or, possibly the store where you registered is low in stock. That happened to my friend on her wedding registry. I could not buy anything on her list in my price range locally. I had to drive to another town over an hour away to pick up her gift. Things should work out for you and your shower! Enjoy!


lmrod55 - February 3

I don't think you are being silly. Do remember that A LOT of people go shopping the day of the shower for the gifts - so you may be surprised at what you will get. Did your hostess put where you were registered on the invitation? I know a lot of people find that tacky and don't put it on there - but that is also how you get so many off registry gifts! Also, most people will provide a gift receipt and if it is something that you know you aren't going to use then return it for something you will use (they will never know). Enjoy your shower! -ld


Robin - February 3

I am also worried about that. I am having 2 showers, one in the town I grew up and one where I live now. One of them is in 4 days and probably around 20 people or so. I also registered at 2 places (I figured it would be convenient for some people) and I have been checking my registry and there has only been 4 things bought. I am nervous to! I just told my husband that we should start setting $ aside incase we need to buy a lot of stuff! Hopefully we wont have to though. Also, if you get some gifts and you know what store they are from, you can allways exchange it for something you need. I know that if I get a lot of dresses/clothes then I will probably do that! I am greatful for any gift I get though too ;)


Kel - February 3

I don't think you are being silly at all. I was a cheater too, I peaked at my registry (I figured it was still a surprise as to who it came from). But anyway, when I got the shower, I had so many gifts I couldn't even believe it. Half the stuff was still noted on my registry and not being bought so sometimes you have the problem. Also - I noticed on some gift receipts that people were shopping the night before at lik 8:00 pm. Don't worry I'm sure you will have a wonderful day. Please let us know how your day goes and have a great one!


girly girl - February 3

In response to your question, where I am registered was on the invitation. Thanks for the replies. I know I am worrying for nothing. My husband would have fussed at me for loooking anyway! I just think it is kinda funny, since his Mom was sooooo worried about her friends getting the invite in anytime less than 3 weeks in advance so people could have plenty of time to shop. Oh well. Thanks for your replies! I'll let you all know how it goes tomorrow.


dboth - February 3

I found that at my shower I had gotten mostly things that were on my registry but people just didn't have them taken off the list when they went to the store! LAZY!!!


jessb - February 4

LOTS of people wait until the last minute. Ands lots of people buy stuff thats not on the registry like tons, and tons of outfits. I took alot of stuff back to Target and BabysRus because I got like 5 of the same pack of onesies, a TON of blankets, burp clothes and bibs. More than I would ever need. So its easy to just take the stuff back. I got store credit for probably a total of $150 and went and bought the other stuff I need.


Annette - February 4

I hope it is not your case, I am just venting frustration, but at my shower I only received a gazillion blue onesies, I would have been happier if someone had tried to be original and bought me a box of cheap wipes; the ones that I could have returned to the store were the ones that I liked and wanted to keep. I live in NY and was SO DELIGHTED to receive fleeze onesies... for 6-9 months!!! (when it´s like 100 degrees here!). Anyway, enjoy your shower and your presents!


jas - February 5

You can't control what people get you - be thankful they are getting something. Not a lot of people are registry savvy - not lazy. And to Annette? Suck it up, they didn't have to get anything. I understand the frustration, but it really comes off as selfish. Like the invites that say "no gift please, just a donation". What a turn off...


tilly - February 5

I don't think you're being silly or selfish at all. My shower is on March 4th and I have a registry also. My partner and I are not married and after all the money we've spent over the years on engagement and wedding presents, not to mention the interstate buck's WEEKENDS away every one of his mates have, I think a baby shower is justified. It's kinda like that episode of SATC when Carrie becomes engaged to herself......! At least this way people know what exactly you need because as the posts above tell you, you can have too many onesies or booties etc. Good luck with your bubba! :o)


angie - February 6

Okay, so you guys were right. My shower on Saturday was a huge success! There was a great turn out, and I ended up getting several things off my registry. I also got a lot of things not on the registry like clothes, designer burp cloths, etc. But for the most part I got great items. My only gripe is I got a few duplicates, but hardly anyone gave gift reciepts. Can I still exchange things off a registry with no gift reciept?


Ashley N - February 6

Lol, I feel your pain! My mom threw a shower for me, only 2 people rsvp'd and only one person bought something off my registry! But the shower ended up incredible and people gave us so much stuff!!!! I'm not so worried about the financial part of the baby now, - we took $60 worth of onsies, sleepers and socks back to Target but most of the stuff is very useful that was given to us and we are so thankful!!!! :)



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