Am I Going To Go Into Labour Soon Somebody Plz Help

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Keira - September 6

Hi, I have been having increased braxton hicks for the last couple of weeks, and last week I ended up in hospital, i woke up and thought I had wet myself but it wasn't urine it smelt sweet then all day i was having contractions, i went to hospital they put me on a monitor and the contractions were reaching 50 but were all over the place the did a va___al examination and said that the waters had not broken but a little had leaked out they stuck me on antibiotics to prevent early labour and sent me home, they now have me of the tablets as they said they were causing more harm then helping. And yesterday I had the worst pain I hav ever felt I was standing and it knocked me to the ground and i screamed it only lasted for about 1min and then about 20mins later i had another the same, it was down in my lower pubic bone area but it hurt so much.... today i have just been getting more braxton hicks... somebody please help... am I going to go into labour soon... thanks.


Morika - September 15

I don't think you are going into labour. I suffered with bad pains in my pregnancies for around 3-4 weeks before my due dates. The sharp pains you have had sounds as though baby moved on a nerve. I suffered similar pains whilst carrying too but I was fine. still it wouldn't hurt to get checked out at the hospital or by your Dr. I'm sure you'll be fine so please try not to worry too much. Try to enjoy the rest of your pregnancy before the sleepless nights start. May God Bless you and your new bundle of joy.


alicia - September 23

hey there, I am 38 1/2 weeks pregnant and i have experienced some major pains myself..Anywheres from my back to my pelvis..the one day i was in the grocery store late at night and i felt some sharp pain in my back and b___t..It felt like someone had taken a 2 by 4 and wacked me as hard as they could across my lower back and a__s... it was so painful i felt like callapsing on the ffloor. My boyfriend and friend had to literately walk me out. ..and i've been experiencing this pain since i've turned 37 weeks...all i know is i hope this baby is coming soon because i dont know how much more i can take..



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