Am I Hurting The Baby

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Brooke235 - October 31

I will be 31 weeks Friday and sometimes I catch myself sleeping on my stomach in the middle of the night - am I hurting the baby? Dont ask how in the world I do it cause I'm huge, I guess thats why it wakes me up is cause its uncomfortable


EMMA2 - October 31

hmm yes you might be ...thats a hell of alot of pressure to put in your stomach and the little one....


Tory1980 - October 31

No you won't hurt the baby although it is wuite a lot of pressure. You are probably waking up a few minutes after you roll onto your tummy as it is uncomfortable. I would imagine you weren't there for long enough to do any real damage! I wish I could still sleep on my stomach - it is the best thing to look forward to once baby comes!


Brooke235 - October 31

it doesnt happen very often or sometimes i wake up and i am kind of sleeping on side of my stomach if that makes any sense


sahmof3 - October 31

I'm sure your LO will be fine. The same thing happened to me in my pregnancies because I'm normally a stomach sleeper. I guess I just did it in my sleep out of habit, but always ended up waking up because it wasn't comfortable. My 3 kids were all just fine :-)


EMMA2 - October 31

sorry to be adamant about this but it is dangerous for the baby to sleep on your stomch in late pregnancy. you may be cutting of oxygen and applying an incredible amount of pressure on the baby....i cant believe the answewrs you got.


Krissy25 - October 31

WHile it's recomended that you sleep on your side a short amount of time in that position is ok. Like Tory said you probably roll into that position and then wake up b/c you are uncomfortable and move.


Tammy276 - October 31

EMMA, as you read, she wakes up in this position, she is not doing it purposly she is doing it in her sleep!! There were times when I woke up on my belly as I am a stomache sleeper, but I doubt I was in that position for a long period of time because when I was pregnant, I was constantly tossing and turning from being uncomfortable., I used to put a pillow on my side and inbetween my legs then do what i called the 3/4 sleep. I would sleep on my right side but kinda roll over onto my belly, so the pillow was stopping me from rolling over completely. Does that make sense? I think that is what you were explaining when you said you wake up on the side of your stomach.


Happymommy - October 31

No--don't worry about the baby. The baby is extremely well protected and cushioned. A doctor friend told me that it would be nearly impossible to hurt your baby from the outside--it would have to be something soo powerful that it would be life-threatening to the mother. So there is no way you could be hurting your baby! And like the other ladies said, you probably just roll momentarily in your sleep, and then wake up because it is uncomfortable. Wishing you the best for the rest of your pregnancy! :)


socurbaby7 - October 31

i dont know about ne one else but im 37 weeks and i cant help but sleep on my stomache... im still tiny... so i dont know if tht has ne thing to do with it... but am i hurting the baby by doing this because like i dont feel like im doing ne thing wrong... im just still tiny


tish212 - October 31

I asked my dr this same question b/c I do the 3/4 sleep applying some pressure to my stomach and he said it was fine...he said u will naturally wake up if u roll over completely b/c there is too much pressure on ur stomach for u to remain comfortable...I have no idea where the idea u could cut off oxygen to the baby comes from being how oxygen comes from the placenta to the inbilicul cord and as long as ur amniotic fluid is at the right amount (not overly low) u can't apply pressure to it because it is free floating in the fluid... that Is why it is such a big deal if ur fluid gets low because then the baby can apply pressure to the cord b/c it is no longer free honestly stomach sleeping isn't going to harm ur baby especially since ur prolly waking up right after.... when I first worried about it I surrounded my self in body pillows so I couldn't roll over but after the dr told me it was ok I stopped so if ur still worried u can surround urself in pillows to prevent it...



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