Am I Just Crazy

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tryin44 - October 25

I know I am not a third trimester anymore but I just wanted to post this here because it gets the most traffic. First off to you mothers who are in waiting to have your LO, enjoy it. I just had my fourth on the 16 of Oct. I am done and will never be pregnant again. I am so saddened by this. I thought I would feel and in reality I know we don't need to have more kids but I just feel so weirf knowing this. That I will never feel a baby inside me and never go through a birth. My husbabnd thinks I am nuts for these feelings and maybe I am but I have just been so depressed over this. I know if I had a fifth it wouldn't end there because we were only planning three and I swore to my husband if we had a fourth I would feel content to be done. I would love to go to school to be a delivery nurse at some point but feel I may be to old (33). Has anyone done nursing school at a later age or know of anyone who has? I would love to hear from you if so. I started taking classe before my third but we decided to have another so now I am a couple years off. I am obsessed with the process of child birth and truelly feel this may be the only way to feel fullfilled. I have been a homemaker by choice since 24 when I had my first and always knew at some point I would need to go to school for something but now I am scared I will be to old to get into this feild succesfully. Any input or success stories would be greatly appreciated.


Buffi R. - October 25

I don't think that's crazy at all. I just finished my prenatal cla__s and the instructor (who's also a L&D nurse at the hospital) mentioned how she had her only child at the age of 34, then some time after went to nursing school. I think that would be great for you to pursue!


sahmof3 - October 25

I don't personally know anyone who went to nursing school when they were older, BUT I just went to my brother's nursing school graduation in August and there were some older ladies there... and by older I mean about 50s or 60s. Then there were fresh out of high-schoolers and everywhere in b/w . If I'd have had to guess the average age of the cla__s, I'd say 30, so I don't think you're too old to start :-) As for the other thing... I went through that, too after my 3rd was born. It was my 3rd c-section and I was at my limit in every way, so I got a tubal. I don't regret it at all, but I went through kind of a mourning stage last summer when my youngest turned 1. Realizing that there would be no more pregnancies, meeting newborns for the first time, no more babies' first year... and just generally, the end of a life stage! Now that my kids are getting older it's getting much easier and I'm happy as the mom of a gradeschooler, a preschooler and a toddler... but it's hard to believe I'm not a "young" new mom or mom of a baby anymore and I miss it (probably why I still hang out on this site LOL). YOU'RE SO NOT CRAZY :-D lol


tryin44 - October 25

Thanks for the responses. I'm sure I will come out fine once all the crazy pregnancy hormones run out. I justfeel somewhat lost with thewhole idea. I should just be content with the beautiful kids I have and be happy I got to experience the beauty myself four times. As for nursing school, I hope someday I can do it. I know it would be a career fully enjoyed by me.



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