Am I Leaking Amniotic Fluids

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Pooh - October 7

I am 35 1/2 weeks pregnant. Last night my husband performed nipple stimulation and a few minutes later I had very bad contractions, 2 to 3 minutes apart all night.Well, when I woke up this morning my contractions have died down, but i realized that I have been having a lot of watery and cloudy looking liquid leaking from my va___a. This have been happening all day. It really doesn't have a smell. It's just real cloudy and very watery. When I sit down I feel it coming out and when I stand up I feel it coming out. Also, when I use the bathroom it drips out pretty fast right after I pee. Could I be leaking amniotic fluids or is it just va___al discharge? And what is the difference between amniotic fluids and leaking waters?


TD - October 7



kellie - October 8

there is no difference in amniotic fluids and leaking waters they are the same thing but i would call the doctor and tell them what is going on i had that problem a few weeks ago and they can check you to see if it is actually the amniotic fluid or if it is just fluid.....that is your best bet because if the babies fluids get to low then there are some dangerous risks...good luck


Pooh - October 8

Thanks Kellie: This did continue throughout the day and night. Now today is friday and I am still leaking. Last night I contractions 5-7minutes apart. Today they have slowed down but, still very strong. I just do not want to drive an hour to the hospital for them to check me and see that it is nothing and send me back home. Plus, I have a doctor's appt. on wednesday. I think I will try to hold out til then.


kellie - October 9

if you are having more than 5 contractions in a hours time then it is best to drive that hour That is a good signal that something might be wrong...i have to drive a hour to the hospital too but i have been there so many times for various reasons now i could see if you had a appt monday like i do but wed that is still 5 more days away and alot can happen in 5 days heck alot can happen in 20 min when you are preg...i would have everything checked out just for the sake of the baby and your piece of mind you know..we are about the same as how far along we are When is your baby due? your baby might be telling you that he/she is ready too


Pooh - October 9

Well Kellie, As you know today is saturday. I haven't had consistent contractions but they are still very strong. No, I still haven't made it to the dr. I am really trying to hold out til wednesday. But, for some reason today I have been peeing more often than ever. So far, I have peed 4 times in less than 30 minutes and i have had a little bit of the same watery cloudy looking discharge run down my legs or into the toilet when I finish peeing. Hopefully when I see the dr wednesday she tell that I am effaced some more and finally dilating. Or, maybe she will say that she will induce me next week or that my waters have definetly broken. To tell you the truth I do not know what is going on but, I am ready to deliver.


ali oraby - October 30

i dont think that fluidis amniotic fluid


Maurren - November 1

Pooh, Let us know what happened! When my water "Broke", it just leaked slowly out, it didn't gush out like in the movies. So, perhaps do you think that's what happened?



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