Am I Making The Right Decision Opinions Please

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AngelinLuv - November 16

I'm due November 30th and am having a wonderful pregnancy. At 36 weeks, I was 1 cm and 50% effaced. At my 37 week I was not quite 2 cm. And now at my 38 wk appointment I'm 2cm. Dr says basically all I need is contractions, my cervix is ready. She offered to induce on the 29th if we don't have our baby boy before that and we agreed. I didn't even know they induced unless you had problems or were overdue. I'd just like others opinions on this. I feel this is okay and right for us but what would YOU do?


whatisgoingon - November 16

It's really upto you. You are so close to your due date and you are progressing, I am sure your lo will arrive when he is ready to greet the world. Induction is an option you can decide to take the Dr up on, but it's entirely you and your partners decision to make. Ofcourse with any sort of medical/drug intervention there will be a higher risk of complications etc etc, whereas if you left things to occur naturally that may not necessarily be the case. But Dr's know what they are talking about and he wouldn't have offered you an induction if he didn't think it would be okay for you. You are so close and progressed well that all you may need is a sweep or something and you would be on your way. :) Good Luck xo


DDT - November 16

Personally, I wouldn't have done it with my pregnancy or do it in the future with any others I may have. You are progressing which means it won't be too long until you meet your lo...and even if you weren't progressing it doesn't mean you will go grossly overdue. For eg. I was 0cm at 39w3d and then at 39w6d I was in labour. I didn't dilate at all until I was in labour. To me, I feel that a baby should come when s/he is ready and if I can wait until the latest possible (42wks) date to have that happen naturally then I would do it. I mean...if there are complications that arise later in your pregnancy and you need to be induced for the safety of yourself and your lo then that is entirely a different story and I am all for induction in those circ_mstances. I also want to mention that occasionally a doc will prefer a induction because its essentially a scheduled labour. It fits their schedules better than a spontanteous labour. I am not saying that is your doc's intention...but just mentioning that possibility. I have also read that inductions often cause long labours which often turn into c-sections. Good luck!!...and it is your decision, your body and your baby. I am just giving you my opinion.


treshala - November 16

I think the baby will come before then anyway...expecially if you are already 2 cm. i think they admit at 3 :) But i would make whatever decision that you are comfortable with :) Go walking...i bet you will dialate more :)


jenna32 - November 17

i have the same problem,due originally the 26th but the doctor wants to induce the 22nd,she thinks i'm 2 weeks further. i think i will get the induction,there are days when you just want the baby out so bad, but i'm sort of feeling bad about playing god here! I'm hopeing i go into labor before the induction! Your baby will probably be healthy still by that point, so it's really your decision.


DaBonkElsMe - November 17

Of course you should do what's right for you, but if it were me and i felt fine, no complications, I would wait a week past my due date before trying induction. I know it's hard to wait, I'm just about 37 weeks now myself and can't wait! But for me I would rather labor come on naturally if possible. However, if you trust your doctor and feel it is the right choice, youshould go for it!


DaBonkElsMe - November 17

Of course I say what I just posted without the option in front of me, if my doctor proposed an induction on my due date and I actually had the choice to make - who's to say I wouldn't change my mind!!


qdogs_navywife3 - November 19

I was induced with my last baby. I had a really hard pregnancy though. People try to scare you about what it is like and the risks involved with inducing but really it isnt all that bad. Infact I dont think my doctors even told me of any risks involved. My little girl is 3 months old now and is as healthy as can be. I had no problems with my labor in fact it only lasted 4 1/2 hours. If I could do it that way again I would go for it.


qdogs_navywife3 - November 19

Let us know what you end up deciding to do. Good Luck :)


Tory1980 - November 19

Personally if there wasn't a problem requiring it I wouldn't be induced. My first came early at 34weeks, my second came on his dute date and my third was induced at 37weeks due to me being diagnosed with Cholestasis. The induction had the least intervention (obviously after the meds were given to soften cervix and pitocin) and lasted about the same time as the others. I am firm believer though that babies come when they are ready. It is up to you though as to how you feel about an induction as they can encounter problems that may or may not occur during a natural labour too. You sounds about ready to go anyway - the induction may just push you into full labour or it may do nothing. The only problem once they start inducing you is that you are then on a timeline - you need to deliver within that time frame or they will go in after baby. At least if you decide against things will be left up to your body to decide what it will do. Have you made a decision yet or still debating? Do what is best for you and the pregnancy and baby will take care of itself. Good luck and congratulations on the baby boy!


KRISTINA - November 19

Personnally I dont think being induced poses any threat to your health or the babys and if you really want the baby out, go ahead. This might sound silly, but to help you make your decision you could look at Novembers birthstone and Decembers and decide which one you like better. Wait if you like Decembers better or get induced if you like Novembers :)


January - November 19

I was induced at 37wks 1d due to pre-eclampsia.. I was 1cm at the time and 40% effaced. It took from Mon. to Wed. to produce any results and we tried EVERYTHING.. I was on pitocin, cervadil, AND cytotek.. all yielding NO results.. Wed. morning I was STILL 1cm.. finally I went into labor and had my babygirl 12days ago with just one push. Keep in mind.. even with the meds, you may not go into labor if your body or baby isn't ready.. be prepared.


AngelinLuv - November 19

January did they break your water? My only concern at this point is my doctor plans to put me on pitocin and then break my water. If they break my water and I don't progress, I don't want a c-section but it will be inevitable. I'm still pretty sure that we'll be going in for the induction, though. I'm ready!!! haha


wantanotheraftertr - November 20

I myself was given that option 2 weeks ago to be induced a week before hand. I was induced with 1 of my 3 children and not the other 2. I had no problem with it and why would I want to be pregnant any longer. LOL I will be induced if he is not here by the 11th. My Dr. is going on vacation the next week and I really want her to deliver this baby. Of course the decision is yours but there women are induced or scheduled for c section all the time. I myself see nothing wrong with it. Good luck and enjoy your lO!


January - November 20

no they didnt and thank god... cuz I was on pitocin for 6 1/2hrs, 12hrs of cervatil and 8hrs of cytotek and still just 1cm!They told me they wouldnt break my water til I was at 4cm as to not risk infection. I too was against a c-section. I ended up going from 1-10cm in 15min and it broke on its own..


Skyla - November 20

I know that some doctors like the inducing as they have more control over when the baby will come. It keeps them from having to come in the middle of the night or over a weekend. keep this in mind as well.


Skyla - November 20

I forgot to add. I don't think there is anything wrong with inducing if your body is ready for it. I just think it's also a convinience thing for the doctors.



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