Am I Over Confident About Labor

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mrsfiveday - May 31

Is it common for first time mothers to be over confident about labor and birthing?. I am 25, and I have a fear of medication be it pain killers or anisthetic. I feel that I have the stength to deliver va___ally with little or no medication. I have never in my life taken a pain killer stronger then extra strength tylenol or advil. I have been hit by a car and thrown 25 feet. I have had a molar pulled, and most recently I fell in the tub, my feet slipped out from under me and I landed on my ribs, breaking a couple. All but the molar had me off my feet for a few weeks, but I never took medication for any of it. Do you think I may be able to handle the labor and birthing process without drugs? Does staying calm and relaxed help things go smoother? Any tips or advice from mothers who have done it drug free?


Alycia - May 31

You can totally do it. I had the same level of confidence you do, and while labor was harder than I expected (mostly because it was longer than I expected and complicated by bladder spasms from a UTI), it was absolutely doable. In the shower afterwards I even thought about how I could do that again someday. I had a homebirth, so obviously there was no medical pain relief. Don't sweat it - studies show that it will hurt less if you're not expecting it to hurt. Contractions were very uncomfortable, but I remember them more as something I needed to mentally cope with than as something terribly painful. I didn't find pushing painful at all, but that could be because I was kneeling and there was virtually no pressure on my perineum - I never felt the "ring of fire." I felt myself tear a little in the front, but even that wasn't painful since I was so consumed by what I was doing. You'll do great - don't let anyone discourage you!


Mellissa - May 31

i don't think you're over-confident at all!! i actually went into my labor the opposite.. i was convinced it was going to be the most painful thing i'd ever experience. to my surprise i did the whole thing drug free... a tooth ache i had a while back was sooooo much worse than giving birth to my daughter. pushing to me was the best part because it made the pain of the contractions go away. i think it's great that's you're confident. i've always considered myself a wimp and after being able to deliver my daughter i am so much more confident this time around and i feel so strong and empowered. :)


mrsfiveday - June 1

Thanks that makes me feel awesome. I am so sure that I can do it.


Jenn2 - June 1

I am totally feeling the same way as you. I am 25, and this will be my first, and I have been through many "accidents" and "injury's" in my life, and I'm one of those that does not like to take pain-killers........not saying anything is wrong with them,......its just not for me. I am feeling pretty confident about labor also. I think it is important to have a positive outlook, or else you will probably create a bad experience for yourself. but, on the other hand......prepare yourself so you are not let down if something were to happen and you needed pain med's or a c-section, etc. I am trying to be realistic, but I'm not fearful or negative about going into labor. Most people I know who have been through labor went in with confidence and a positive outlook,. and ended up having non-complicated, relatively easy labors. I believe its all in the mind.


HannahBaby - June 1

I went into labor prepared, i saw my niece and nephew born and i had accepted that it was going to hurt. I wanted to do it nartually as well but was induced and couldent deal with the pit. I got a narcotic because i wasnt dialated enought for the epi. I didnt like the narcotic. It makes you feel extremely drunk (best way to put it) You feel like you cant wake up, i ended up puking. If i were you and decide to do something about the pain i would go for the epidural becuase the narcotic really puts you out and makes your feel out of controll


Emily - June 1

yep you can do it. Be prepaid though in case it is more painful than you thought it would be. It is different for each person so no one can tell you what it will be like, just share htier stories. Keep calm, yes that def helps. Buit if you do need medication, do not feel like you failed. The most important part is beileiveing you can do it. If you do, good for you! I wasn't able to do it without medication, but I am a complete wuss. Good luck!


Trina_ - June 1

I just had my baby girl on May 22nd...and I did it with no pain meds at all. A few hours after giving birth....I decided that I could definitely do it again. It was not bad at all. The whole labor/delivery was nothing like I expected. I even pushed for an hour and a half but it truly didn't seem that long. My doctor was awesome and encouraging and that really helped. Defintely stay calm and deep breaths in between contractions helps a lot. Just don't'll all be worth it in the end. Best of Luck!


Been There - June 1

I absolutely do not think you are being over-confident at all. I think it's great because being mentally prepared is half the battle. With my first child, I knew I would go through pain and prepared myself to just take it. I also knew that when the time came I'd have an epidural, but I figured that wouldn't be until well into it. I was correct. I labored 17 hours before going to the hospital. I took a walk that set really set off the contractions. Between the time I called about going in and the time I arrived, the contractions had gone from 5 minutes to 2 minutes apart and so much stronger. Having the doctor tell me they thought I'd be waiting all night, I went ahead with the epidural. It barely kicked in when they discovered I was fully dilated and could have delivered without bothering to have it. I am, however, still proud of myself to this day for handling it so well for so long. So you keep that confidence. You know what you can and cannot handle. If you decide you need some relief from the pain, that's okay too.


falafal0 - June 2

You can definately do it, I did it three times and I wasn't confident at all! Some women have a hih pain threshold, othere's not so high, and the contractions are differet for everyone too. It'awesome that you are going into it wanting to do it naturally just be open minded and prepared for anything that crops up - it often can with labour and i you need extra help. Good luck...!



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