Am I Right Or Is It Hormones

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c - August 29

h__lo ladies, i have a question . i am 2 & 1/2 days away from my 35th week of pregnancy. i found out about 7 weeks ago my obgyn was also pregnant and infact olmost 3 weeks further along than i . i know it sounds strange that i never noticed before , but she is a tiny lady and with her scrubs on i just diddent notice . but 7 weeks ago sitting in the wating room i noticed her walk by and thought i saw a pooch . so , i asked the nurse and found out she was... this is my concern , first of all im upset that i was never told . because i am now being told odds are she will not be able to deliver my baby . this is a problem for me because her backup doctor is a man . and having gone through s_xual abuse several times through out my childhood i cant help but go through pannic attacks when it comes to a man trying to exam me . it is something i have been dealing with sence i was 5 years old . and i cant help but feel angry because when picking out my obgyn in the begining if i had been told this i could have found someone else secondly i feel my obgyn should have told me her self i olmost feel mislead.. and as i was making my next appointment the recptionest tells me the rest of my visits will be with the nurse because my obgyn will be on pregnancy leave for the next month after her baby is born and at this point of my pregnancy i just wonder if im going to get proper care from a nurse .. and once again my obgyn diddent tell me none of this her self during our last visit . what she did say was the next visit i would have a va___al exam and my last sono which she would be able to do herself because the sono doctor wrote in my chart he diddent need to do it him self this time so she obgyn has 2 nurses one who sat there and argued with me on a visit about how far along i was only to find out she was rong (as if a mother could lose track) and the other who asks me at least 2 times per visit if i have registred at the hospital yet . i say yes and 5 mins later shes asking me again . and that has been happening for my last 6 0r 7 visits and i just keep wondering why she doesent write it down on my chart? so this is my situation is it just that my hormones are out of control or do i have some reasonable concerns??? p.s. sorry my spelling is atrocious


Jenett - August 29

One thing you should have realized during this whole process is that the odds of your doctor delivering your baby were pretty much slim to none. It's rare that your OB will be the one there to deliver. It usually ends up being the doctor on call. Which could have been a man.


c - August 29

why should i have realized that ? this is my first baby and with out being told who could have known? if that is the case shouldent your doctor tell you that ?


Lindsey - August 29

I have gone threw a situation similar with my ob latily. i saw her last month and she told me my next appointment would need to be with a midwife because she was going to be on vacation. After my next appointment i tried to make my followup with my ob and thats when the receptionist told me my ob had moved to a different city a few hundred miles away. Why on earth do these PROFESSIONALS think that we, their pateints dont need to know that they are not going to be there to care for us when we are in labor. After all when we pick a dr. and stick to that one that usually means we want to have the same one all the way threw. Who wants to have a stranger deliver their baby? Not me but the Dr.s dont seem to think about us, i guess they figure one dr. is the same as the next... I was lucky enough to like the midwife i ended up seeing last time so i am going to stick with her now and i did ask her if she would be leaveing anytime soon, her reply was, oh no i just got back from vacation LOL! It sounds to me like you have a right to be upset, i would be if i was put into your situation. Maybe you could ask around to some of your friends about who they saw and switch dr.s all you have to do is pick a dr. go in and sighn papers for them to get your records from the other place after all it does sound like she wont be the one delivering your baby so why not change to someone you feel better with? just a suggestion.


Lucky1 - August 29

Hey C I think that you have a valid point. She should have told you from the beginning that she was pregnant, that would have given you the chance to find another OB. I don't think that is fair. My OB office has 3 Doctors, however they made that very clear to me in the beginning and they also made sure that I got to see all three of them throughout my pregnancy. If she knew she wasn't gonna be there (which I'm sure she did) she should have either had you meeting with the other OB's or allowed you to find another OB on your own... I'm sorry to hear that you are in this situation, I am having my first also and I think that it is very important for you to be comfortable with the Dr thats delivering you. I do wish you luck.... I hope that this will work out for you and that despite the circ_mstances you will have a safe and easy delivery....


J - August 29

Well is it too late to change practices? I have 4 doctors in my practice all women. One of my doctors also went on maternity leave but every time I go they rotate so you meet all of the doctors. If my doctor isn't on call I will at least feel comfortable with one of these other doctors. As far as you being nervous about a man I understand that because I don't think men know enough about women to do this job. You have to also remember that you will never be alone with the male doctor he is usually there just to catch. When I was in the hospital with my son my doctor popped in and out before she delivered but it was the nurses who take care of you most of the time. Hope this helps.



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