Am I Slowly Going Into LABOR HELP ME

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Portia - October 4

I am 35 weeks and I am overly tired. I have cloudy, watery liquid dripping down my legs everyday. I am over 50% effaced not dilated. My stomach has dropped. I've lost a little weight. I am constantly and I mean constantly urinating or feeling like it. My bowels are very loose and I am doing that more often now. I now have a lot of gas. And I have lots of painful, back aching, stomach cramping contractions. My dr. gave me terbutaline to stop my contractions. 2 shots in the arm and the pill. Now my contractions are irregular but still very strong. Could I slowly be going into labor?


wlbb1414 - October 4

At 36 wks., I am having simular problems. My Dr. has also prescribed that and two other drugs. Truth be known, some women continue with these same symptoms until or even past their due date. Chances are, if you are in that much discomfort, and especially if you begin to dilate, your Dr. will induce labor once it is safe and the baby is full term. Although some physicians will begin as early as 37 weeks, most wait until 38 or 39. However, in the mean time, if your contractions become regular even after taking the medicine, and relaxing on your side, or if you have any bloody discharge, call the doctor.


kellie - October 5

I am in the same boat right now I am thinning out and dialating and i have one more week to go on the medication Good luck to you all hang in there believe me it is almost over for all of us


Portia - October 5

thank you for your response wlbb1414 and kellie. I really just want this all to be over and real soon. I was told that my doctor is the type of person who loves to offer inductions around 36 or 37 weeks of pregnancy. My husband tells me to do it. But, then I don't know if I want to or not. I mean I am ready to have this baby but, should I wait until the baby is ready?


Maureen - October 12

My goodness, I'm having some of these symptoms as well. I am now almost 1 week over due. I started dripping out liquid last night, it's a bit scary cuz this is my first baby and I don't know if it is pee or what, also I haven't felt any contractions yet and that bothers me too. Though I have lots of gaz and my stool is not soft, well, not yet anyways. Anyways, these are all most probably good signs that we are all going to go into labour I think, somtime soon. To all of you who wrote in, let us know how you are progressing PLEASE. It helps all of us to know, WE ARE NOT ALONE here. Thanks, Maureen


Ally76 - October 12

If you are leaking fluid, it would seem your water has broken and you need to be seen immediately. The risk of infection once your water has broken is very high to you and your baby....they will usually induce you or at least give you antibiotics and put you on bed rest until they are ready for induction


Laura - October 26

I think that you are going into labor, slowly but surely. I had all the same experiences when I was 35 weeks pregnant, and before that, but here I am at 39 weeks and still pregnant. So you could be slowly going into labor, but it could be weeks before that really happens.


Brooke - October 27

I am 35 weeks with my first..i have been leakin fgooey fluid from 20 weeks..i havent been checked for dialation or effacement. I had a fake labour last week but i am seeing my doctor tomorow. I have a non stop back ache, my lower pelvic muscles fell like they r tearing off the bone..i am pooing 2times a day and it comes on urgently..i am absoultely freakin out..becaue this baby cant come early because we havent moved yet :(


Melissa - November 3

I would dif call your doc right away you could be leaking fluid and that isn't good for a long period of time!


Mindy - November 9

i'm 37 + weeks. I started to lose my mucas plug. I've been uncomfy for over three weeks. The baby has dropped and I've been having some cramping in both back and abdomin. It hurts so much. People keep telling I'll know when I'm in labor but, I'm clueless. Relaxing or changing activity don't help much. Not even a warm bath or shower.


regina - November 9

When i was leeking liquid i had gone to the hospital two times they sent me home saying i just wanted to have the baby and to wait till he was ready. I felt they were wrong after realizing i had not felt the baby move in over a week i called my dr. when i went in she noticed the luquid i had been leeking for two weeks was my water. My baby had hardley any water. she said i could not feel my baby move because he had no room to move. She sent me to be induced and said i would give dry birth. This can be harmful to both myself and the baby. I was very upset. Point is they may be doctors but they dont always know best. ONLY YOU WILL KNOW WHEN THINGS MIGHT BE WRONG. So dont wait untilll its too late get a second opp.


crystal - November 19

I'm dialated 3cm and 50 percent efaced what can I do to get on with it already!!!


Rachel - December 19

I am in the same situation. I have been leaking fluid and started contractions at 35 weeks. They stopped the contractions with terbutaline. I was 50% effaced at 35 weeks and had contractions on and off right up until now at 39 weeks and 4 days. The fluid I sm leaking is discharge. It happens when your cervix is thinning and as your mucus plug loosens. I lost my mucus plug ( fully intact as one big pinkish brownish glob) 3 days ago. I have mild cramps but no contractions. I am peeing all the time, have terrible gas, soft stool and leaking urine. (fun, right?) As of last week, I was dilated 1 centimeter, 60- 70% effaced and the water bag was bulging. Yet, still very pregnant. It is true, there is no tell tell signs of labor. Every woman is truly different!


Kile - January 10

I am 39 weeks. I have sharp abdominal pains. I feel gaseous. Pain 5 to 10 minutes apart.


Theresa - January 16

I wonder the same thing about me! I am 32 weeks and I have been having loose bowels and gas and alot of braxton hicks contractions.I can say that I have not had any true contractions but i know any day it will start. Portia try to relax as much as possible. Good luck sweetie. Just remember what ever happens, happens for a reason. maybe the reason why is that your baby is ready to come out.


Des - January 18

I am 37 wks and have all those except for the liquid. All of the things besides that are normal pregnancy getting ready stuff that could last weeks or months but if your water is leaking you will go into labor within two days without the pills. I had my twins 3 yrs ago after my water burst and I was only 32 wks they have been behind in learning abilities but are slowly catching up. So if you want your kids to catch on to activities fast hold them in as long as possible!


Jamie - January 19

I lost my plug over my whole last pregnancy and this one too. It didn't just come out in one big chunk, it was bits and pieces. Like snot was coming out my V.



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