Am I Supposedto Be This Sore

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J - October 5

I cannot believe how sore I am! I just ache all over like I was lifting weights all week. Especially my inner thighs feel like I have been doing squats. Why and is this normal? I am 36 weeks.


Tigerphoenix - October 5

I know how you feel. My aches and pains started to get really bad about 35 weeks (Im 37 now). I can hardly move half the time let alone walk. Its probably because of the extra pressure on you. I know my b___t and back are feeling like Ive been lifting wietghts for hours.


Heidi - October 5

Yep, totally normal. When I get up to pee at night, which is like five times, I swear sometimes I'm going to fall down cus I hurt all over. Fun fun!


Nicole - October 5

I've been wondering the same thing. My lower belly is SO sore, and my whole pelvic area. And of course, my back and legs and hips and pretty much anything that CAN ache does. LOL! I'm 40 weeks now, and it's been getting worse and worse over the past few weeks (sorry!) I can hardly roll over in bed at night, and getting up out of bed (or off of a chair or whatever) hurts like HECK! I don't remember feeling like this with my first pregnancy, though.


Ann - October 6

It's very normal


Rikki - October 7

This is sooo normal. I feel like someone has taken a sledge hammer to my pelvis. Your muscles weaken in those areas to provide room for stretching, so any movement will be more trauma on those muscles then you are used to. Not to mention the widening of the actual pelvis.


Heidi - October 7

Makes me wonder if this isn't the pain I'm experiencing and my doc wrote it off as a UTI and gave me more meds!!!! I had horrible cramping in my pelvis, right above the pubic area and I swear they were contractions but she said it wasn't. I had a little protein in my urine but not a lot and nothing hurts when I pee. Sometimes when she moves and hits this area I just want to drop to the floor!


lynnstress - October 10

I'm 31 weeks, and just started noticing that my fingers and wrists really ache when I get up in the morning - and when I get up in the middle of the night to pee! I have previous back and knee problems, so I'm kind of used to dealing with the aches and pains. Still not a picnic, though.


Jihane - October 12

oh well its nice to know im not the only one then jeje (sorry girls) but im 35 weeks and my pelvis and back hurt so much, loads of pressure when im walking as well... so u all reckon thats normal?



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