Am I The Only One

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Lisa A - April 12

I just love being pregnant!!! And except for a few aches and pains everything has been going quite well. I am currently 38 weeks and 4 days and I am dreading the day that this pregnancy comes to an end. I wish I could stay pregnant for ever!!!! But I notice all the threads are of ladies who want their babies out now! Am I the only one who loves being pregnant? And who wants to stay that way?


EM - April 12

I don't share your enthusiasm, however, my mom tells me that being pregnant was the happiest time of her life with all three of us. I get a little annoyed at her when she reminds me of this becuase I don't feel like she understands the way I'm feeling. I think when I look back on being pregnant though, I will only remember the good stuff. All good things must come to an end but you have lots of good stuff to look forward to like holding your little one in your arms!


Jenny - April 13

This is a first...I actually agree with EM. I have not LOVED being pregnant but the first 2 trimesters were OK with minor side affects. However, now, I am feeling that although I want this pregnancy to be over, I am fearing the reality of it all. First time motherhood can be scary but everyone says it will all come natural. Lisa, if you are enjoying it, then good for you! Stay positive!


Kymmi - April 13

For me about the only thing I really LOVE about being pregnant is being able to eat whatever, whenever!! Also, it gives me a reason to be "fat" and not feel guilty about it~ I guess in a way it is a special time,,,,, we are a__sisting God in creating little miracles. But the further along you get, the more discomfort you experience and I can't find reason to LOVE any of that!!!!


CEM - April 13

hey Lisa A! i know what you mean in a way....i sort of constantly fluctuate between really loving it, and really looking forward to the day it's over. on the one hand, it's amazing to have a little being growing inside of you and knowing that that is the closest you will ever possibly get to anyone.....but on the other hand it's countered by all the aches and pains, discomfort, concern about being able to handle things, for me it's a bit of both. well, enjoy your last 2 weeks or so!


claire - April 13

i envy you, i so wished i felt like that, i am also 38 weeks but am dying to see my little one. i dont have much of a social life so im bored most of the time while my b'f is at work. good luck.x


kallie0509 - April 13

I agree! I've had a great pregnancy and wouldn't mind staying this way...if I weren't too excited to see my baby!


Billie - April 13

I want the baby out. I have had a great pregnancy but recently I have been getting a lot of pelvic pain and rib pain. Plus I have sweeling in my feet and hands at the end of the day. I don't have any of the other stuff like hemrhoids(sp?), constipation, or heartburn, but I still want the little guy out!!!!!!


Jenn... - April 13

I love being pregnant too! Most people are seem so suprised when they ask me how I am feeling and I say "Great!" And I really mean it. Sure there are a few downsides, my pregnancy has been really easy (so far, knock on wood). I love having this little life squirming inside of me. I don't want to stay this way though, because I can't wait to have him in my arms :)


Toya - April 13

I love being pregnant, but I DEFINITELY don't want to stay this way. lol. I don't desire to have a pot-belly all my life...and I'd love to see my toe again. :) Pregnancy is beautiful, but what's even more beautiful is when the 9 month journey comes to an end and a new one begins with a bundle of joy in your arms to share with the world...


Lisa A - April 15

Well I'm glad I'm not the only one who loves being pregnant. I too am very excited to see my little guy when he comes out, but for right now I just want to cherish this last week (if he comes on my due date).


cmt - April 17

Is this your first baby? The more you have the harder it usually is and because you know how it goes afterwards, you tend to want it over sooner. Also, each pregnancy is so different, this one was great for you, but the next one may be constant morning sickness, or one of the many pregnancy induced problems that plague so many women. My first was uneventful, and I didn't mind being pregnant. The second I was sick with morning sickness in the beginning and developed toxemia (high blood pressure) and a very big 10 lb baby and was miserable (I gained almost 70 lbs from the toxemia and was pregnant through the hot summer months) the third was wonderful. Like you I was happy being pregnant, had very little discomfort, no morning sickness, only gained 24 lbs, he was born the day after his due date and was 6 1/2 lbs. I am not pregnant with my forth child, I am 35 yrs old and work full time this pregnancy (didn't the other three, and my first was 18 yrs ago!!) I am 32 wks and have had morning sickness throughout, severe headaches and a lot of lower abdominal pain, I also had placenta previa until 20+ weeks (which meant no s_x and minimal activity) working full time and being older has made this pregnancy harder and I will be glad when it is over in 8 wks. So, you may not feel the same way your next pregnancy if you have some of the common ailments and complications some of us others are hit with... On the up side, I am glad that you are feeling well and had a "good" pregnancy expreience, you are one of the few who is blessed with such an experience the whole 40 weeks!


Jenn... - April 17

Okay, I take back my previous post. I no longer enjoy being pregnant, and am ready to get this over with! I am 34 weeks along and starting to become very uncomfortable. It hurts to walk, I am extremely tired, and the stretch marks are starting to show *pout*. The past few days have seemed like an eternity, how am I supposed to make it 6 more weeks!?!


Lisa A - April 18

To CMT: Actually I am 35 years old too and I am currently pregnant with my third. With my first I didn't show, no morning sickness, nothing wrong at all ( thank God). My second seemed to be going well but I ended up delivering at 25 weeks, a very small 1lb 10ounce girl. This time I have gained 60lbs but have been enjoying every second. So I have had my problems too,but the positive outweighs the negative. Congratulations to you and all the best.


Erica - April 18

You've got a positive att_tude, Lisa! It's refreshing to see that in pregnant ladies, because Lord knows I've seen more than my share of the negative ones! I am currently at 36 weeks and while I can't say I'd want to stay this way forever (I would certainly miss tying my own shoes!) but if I had to envision what my first pregnancy would be/feel like, this would be it! Would I be correct in a__suming that you've probably eaten decently and exercised throughout your pregnancy as well? I believe there's a lot to be said for healthy habits = smooth pregnancy during those nine months!


Amanda - April 20

Being pregnant does have its advantages although my husband is ready for it to be over.



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