Amazing Babies Births

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Student - November 26

Hey you all, i was just wondering if anyone had any amazing birth stories. What are amazing birth stories?? well its where you labor and give birth in strange places. Like for example: in a car, in an airport, at home in the toilet, on on airplane, in a van, in a truck, on a bus, on a train, at a gas stationi, in wal mart parking lot, in wal mart bathroom, in wal mart some where, in a mall bath room, in a mall somewhere, in babies r us parking lot, in babies r us bath rooms, in babies r us somewhere, hospital hall way, birthing center hall way/bathroom, in the back of an ambulance, in a public swimming pool, in a public swimming pool bathroom, in a hotel room, in a hotel bathroom, in a hotel pool/hot tub/sauna, at home all by yourself, in a black out somewhere ect. So if any of you ladies have one and care to share please do. thank you all soo much


Alissa - November 26

Hey I had my son on November 20, 2005


Alissa - November 26

Hey I had my son on November 20, 2005 and I was suppose to be induced on the 21 but I was starting to have alot of contractions on the 19 so my husband took me to the hospital at around 12am they had me walk alot around but i only dialated 1/2 a cm and they said i was not in labor yet but since i was being induced that morning they would just keep me. At around 4am my contractions started getting alot more rapid and increasing in pain it was quite painful. they said i was still not in active labor because i was still only 3cm at around 8 that morning they checked me again and i had progressed to 4cm so they made me get in the shower and they were going to go order my epidural my husband helped me in the shower about 10 mins after being in there i all of a sudden had to push really bad he got me out set me on the toilet and with every contractions i had to push I got back in bed he went and got the nurse it was about 8:20am by now and she checked me again and i was at 8cm They were all freakin out and tellin me i cant push all of a a sudden my water breaks and im at 10cm and he is coming out they had nothing set up there was nurses running everywhere I pushed him out in 20mins and my full labor they said was 45mins. He is just the cutest thing ever


Sam - November 26

This is not me, but a friend of mine was also induced, then sent home because nothing was happening. She and her husband were sitting on the couch watching TV when she got a jolt -- she thought her husband had kicked her. It was her water breaking. So they got things ready and her mother in law came over. Meanwhile, the contractions were terrrible. She and her husband went to the car to go to the hospital, and as he was helping her in, she told him the baby's coming. He's like hold on, the hspital is a few minutes away. SHe's like NO, the baby's coming now, pull down my pants! She finally convinced him to do this, and by then the baby's head was out. SHe gave birth to her daughter in the driveway. It has made for a lot of good stories in a small town.



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