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AngelinLuv - November 9

Well, I went in a few days ago for a bad headache and blurry vision. I only called my nurse to see if it was okay/normal and she told me to go right to labor & delivery. Everything checked out fine and my doctor tacked it up to dehydration & lack of sleep. So she gave me Ambien (10mg) to sleep. At my appointment today she asked if I was still having trouble sleeping and I said yes, so she prescribed me more. I'm not going to use them unless I NEED to. It just seems like she's kinda drug-happy...anyone else's doctor like this? And has anyone heard of any bad side effects of Ambien? I'm 37wks2days.


waitngformyangel - November 9

youre 37w2d??? wow so am i. hehe thats really neat. im so excited. i havent had any head aches but sometimes i do get a blurry vision. sometimes ill just sit there and like my eyes will cross. which i found really wierd.but my cousin said that it was normal for your eyes to get a little blurry from time to time. as long as its not like everyday or something.


HeavenisMine - November 9

I get blurry vision from time to time, and I already have bad eye sight. I have to wear gla__ses (except in pictures because the light glares off my lenses). I am 38wks 4days...I hope it is just a pregnancy thing. My doctor recommends certain drugs but only if she feels they are safe for baby at this point. She never recommended drugs in my first trimester thankfully.


DaBonkElsMe - November 9

Ambien is a hypnotic. It is not really a sleeping pill but a pill that basically hypnotises you to sleep. People have had very bizzarra and alarming reactions to Ambien. My husband took them for a time, and every night he would talk about the most random things and not rememebr one syllable of it in the morning. They made him appear drunk and unstable. I googled Ambien and Pregnancy and found that in a study done on pregnant rats, the fetal brain was not fully developed at the time of birth for the rats that were given 20mg or more of Ambien. I would not take it if I were you. My doctor told me that tylennol pm and unisolm were fine for pregnancy. I only took unisolm twice to help me sleep on nights before important mornings. It help alot. I researched Unisolm and pregnancy and could not find any adverse effects doc_mented. I will only take one if I really feel I need one, but for me it works much better than Ambien anyway, and I feel safer taking it. BTW, I get that blurry vision sometimes too, my doctor said it's not that uncommon during pregnancy, and that as long as my urine tests keep coming back clear, it's nothing to worry about.


AngelinLuv - November 9

Thanks for the info, DaBonk. I had a nice reaction to it the last time I took it as well. I didn't remember anything after taking it & hubby telling me to lay down because I was wobbly. I didn't even remember laying down and he did say I babbled some in my sleep. I'm nervous and probably won't be filling this prescription. I did some research also and it doesn't really say one way or another- so better safe than sorry. Thanks again though for the suggestions!


tryin44 - November 9

I took ambien in my third trimester for my last two kids. All went fine with me. I think how you respond to it depends on the person. tylenol pm worked ok also for me.


Tan - November 9

im also 37 weeks and 2 days! :D


djh - November 9

Ambien is a sedative-hypnotic as a previous poster stated. If taken correctly: take 1 tablet and immediately go to bed, it is usually quite safe and effective. It can in some cases cause people to eat, make phone calls, or wander, etc.. If you take it and go to bed it should give you good relief. This late in your pregnancy I would only use it if absolutely necessary since you don't want to be sleepy for labor. You said you were dehydrated and that may be why she didn't want you to take Tylenol PM or other over the counter sleep aids since they all contain diphenhydramine which is just plain old Benadryl. Benadryl is an antihistiamine wich makes people drowsy. It's main purpose is to dry up secretions and quell itching. Since you are dehydrated which isn't good during pregnancy she may not want you to use it. Good luck with your upcoming birth!



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