Amreen Grewal Is Here

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Grewal - November 7

Hi everyone My little angle is here. I was due on oct 28th went into labour on the 27th oct at midnight start having pains and then my husband took me to the hospital at 8am on the 27th morning they check me and the nurse told me that i am only 2cm dilated and lets wait for the doctor and see what he says while the time they were just monitoring me my baby s heart rate went down and everyone was scared they told me that it is going to be c-section. so they admit me in the hospital wait for the progress for the dilation we wait all day long with the epidural and pitocin and they gave me the chance to have vag birth by 9pm i was only 4cm dilated and the nurse told me the by 11pm if did not progress and it is going to be c-section cause there are chance that baby might get infection cause the doctor broke the water bag in the afternoon but luckly at 11pm i was 6cm and at 12:30am i was 10cm compelete and start pushing the my baby cord was wrap around her neck thats way her heart rate was drop few times the day i am glad they admit me even though i was only 2cm dilated so after pushing for 1 and half hour she was born at 2:12am weight 6 pounds and 6oz. and she is the one of the 4% babies who comes on there exact due date. I am so happy and thanks to all of you for helping me through this answering my question and good luck to all of you.


staci - November 7

Congratulations to you! It's good to hear everything went well( thank goodness they admitted you so they could keep a close eye her heart rate) and you both are happy and healthy!


Erins Mom - November 7

Congrats. Glad you were able to have a v____al birth after all! Best of wishes!


sahmof3 - November 8

Congratulations on baby Amreen!! My husband's birthday is Oct. 28th... he turned 40 the day your lo was born :-)


josie4 - November 8

Congrats!!! I'm glad everything went well and you didn't need the c-section!!


margie - November 8

congratulations! amreen is a beautiful name :-)


JerseyGirl - November 9

Congrats! My birthday is October 28 (turned 32) and my DS was also born on his due date! (June 13 of this year.) He's my first, so I was surprised he showed up on the due date, but I'm in publishing and my co-workers say he knows deadlines just like his mommy!


falafal0 - November 10

Hey that's awesome. Congratulations. My last babies were born on their due date as well. I love the name Amreen. Beaufitul.



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