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ekay - October 11

and anyone else I forgot. I am the only one that feels like if the baby is not being held, it is screaming. Thank god for my antidepressants right now! JoJo screams everytime she is not being held and that includes naptime/bedtime. I remember my daughter being similar to this, but geez, I feel like all she does is cry and eat. I can't tell if her tummy is upset (would 3 lemon poppy seed muffins in one day upset a new tummy?) or what. Then on top of that I have to feed and pay attention to the other 2 kids and my husband. I am starting to feel a bit overwhelmed. I can't hardly get any work done, but I am not about to put Josephine in daycare. Plus my finances are a mess as well as my self esteem. I feel like a big fat blob. I excersized today, but then counteracted it with, as previously mentioned, 3 muffins (and they are big muffins too!) My hips are the size of Kentucky with an ass the size of Tenessee to go with it. I know I am a stress eater. I have 14 pairs of pants in my closet that I don't fit it. I'm in weight loss shambles! Did I mention that I have NO s_x drive as well. I haven't given it up since BEFORE giving birth. Is that bad or what!? Am I the only one feeling this way? Does anyone have any organizational advice.


lyn - October 11

Ekay- I feel your pain. All Kate does is eat and cry also (and nap). I got mast_tis last week so I have been on antibiotics and I think they are upsetting her stomach. And to top it all of I started getting thrush, because of the antibiotics so now I have to put v____al creme on my nipples after she eats (which is every 45 minutes). But I love b___stfeeding, so I will not be deterred. She is going through this, " I can only sleep if someone is holding me." thing right now so that has been a ton of fun. I tried to lay her down in her bed, my bed, the bouncer chair, anything the other day and she wouldn't go to sleep she had no nap for 8hrs!!! But she did sleep at night for 6 hrs, so I guess that was nice. She was doing sooooo good then she decided to switch it up. Oh well, she makes up for it by being cute.


ekay - October 12

Yikes, I had mast_tis with my first. It knocked me on my a__s with a 104 degree fever. I had to go to the hospital and stay overnight and all that fun stuff. Well, I think JoJo's problem may just be good old fashioned colic. She is fine until about 11 am and then from then until bedtime, it's just screaming when not eating. Of course, there is part of me that thinks she might have what you diagnosed as "I can only sleep if someone is holding me" because these crying bouts usually come on when she is put down in her crib. It's good to hear that you are trooping through b___stfeeding. I think a lot of women get deterred because of the first 2 weeks of nipple hell. Hope everyone else is doing well. BTW, Josephine woke up only once last night. Hallelujah.


Beth - October 12

oohh Ekay and Lyn I am right there with you!! Alyssa is going through all that right now, she screams when I put her down on her activity mat because she wants to be held. half the time I let her cry it out no matter how long it is, she crys herself to sleep because she wears herself out. Monday however no matter how much or long she cried she would not fal asleep, she was awake ALL day long it was crazy, I looked at her and said babies takes naps, at least two of them, haa haa. I am ok with it though, well not ok with it, but I have come to be able to just let her cry and cry and I talk to her and I even tell her that she is gonna have to just learn, haa haa. I feel like a mean mommy but I love her more than anything and I do hold her!! Unfortunetly I do have to go back to work here soon and she will be in day care and I just cannot imagine dropping her off to someone knowing that he will scream all day if she is not held so I want her out of that stage.


mom2faith - October 12

I feel what you are going through ekay, Faith had colic when she was about 1 month old it would be at the same time everynight 7:00 sharp and it would last a good couple of hours my husband would hold her and walk around the house up and down the stairs and nothing would calm her down she would just scream and scream and beat my husband up(throwing her hands everywhere) it lasted for about 3 weeks seemed like forver though, my nephew went through it as well his however lasted for 3 months, I bet that was tough. Now faith is 2 months old and is as happy as can be, however she is also going through the I don't want to sleep game well she will only sleep for 20 minutes or so and say ok mom I am up and I want to eat again. She is sleepnig pretty good at night, she sleepd from about 8:00 until 11 or 12 then she wakes up to eat and then from then on it is every 2 hours, but she does not wake up screaming and she goes right to sleep. well I will go for now and see what my baby is doing. I have a website up I am in the middle of placing recent pictures on it.I will give the address later if anyone would like it. Take care


MichelleB - October 12

Hey Girls. I really feel for you Ekay. I could not imagine having another child or two in your case to take care of. Dont be too hard on yourself about the weight....I think we are the only ones who expect ourselves to bounce back right away...I do not fit into one st_tch of my pre pregnancy clothing....dont know if I ever will....that is actually quite depressing....I think I might join the groveling. S_x...what is that? We did the job to get labour started...but it FELT like work. To be honest, I have no desire for s_x either...thats another hour of sleep Im missing out on! I am not back on the pill yet either, so dont want to make that mistake so soon!. Lyn, Ekay, so glad b___stfeeding is going well. I tried for 5 excrusiating weeks then decided the bottle was better. I dont say I gave up, I say I b___stfed for 5 weeks! Momtofaith, cannot wait to see your pics. I am trying to upload some of Kiev's christening, but I dont think the piczo site is working. (the site is I am glad also that everyone feels the same way about their baby only sleeping when being held. I feel like that, but thankfully he sleeps all night, just gets up to feed, so i can handle the awake hours in the day. We usually go out once a day and he sleeps great int he carseat..sometimes I leave him in when we get home...and he also just decided he likes the swing, which is putting him to sleep. Oh the joys of babys. I am going to go for a rollerblade...I wonder if I remember how!


ekay - October 13

Hey guys. JoJo slept like all day yesterday. I was really scared about last night, but she did surprisingly well. Man, you know you are tired when you are falling asleep standing up. If she wasn't going to go to sleep last night, I was just gonna have to let her scream, for her own safety. I just couldn't hold her as tired as I was. I do have to admit though, with her sleeping all day yesterday, it was a nice break from the screaming. Actually last night she lay on the floor quite content....we had the TV off and were listening to Eric Clapton. I am thinking about investing in a little CD player to put by her crib to see if that helps. I have decided to start counting calories....:-(


citrouille - October 13

hi everyone.. well talk about feeling fat.. I know that I only gave birth 9 days ago but I still can't even get my wedding ring on! I only fit in my pregnancy clothes so I'm far far off from ever fitting in prepregnancy clothes... Tristan is doing really well. I'm amazed at how calm he is. However I feel like he is constantly attached to my b___st. He just seems hungry all the time. My b___sts don't even have the time to get hard and sore... I mean they are never engorged with milk because he is constantly feeding.... every once in a while he'll sleep for 4 hours straight.. once during the day and once at night. He wants to be held a lot too and the only way to get him to be happy alone in his bed is to give him a soother.. even though I hate resorting to that I have to otherwise I just wouldn't be able to put him down if he wasn't already asleep! Anyway, I'm so happy to be a mommy even though it is definetly challenging! Oh and I probably won't be having s_x for a very very long time because my episiotomy isn't healing well!


jo - October 13

hey everyone, just checking in. I'm 37 weeks, still have the bun in the oven, but enjoy reading your posts of what's to come. Husband got internet connection up and running so i'll be able to keep up when at home. Things are going well for me...a little too well (ie, feel totally fine, am 1 cm dilated). But at last apt, dr pointed out that I"m quite small for 37 wks. I've put on 30 lbs, but she said she still thought I was small and recommended an ultrasound next week, just to make sure things are okay. Of course, now i'm totally stressed, and ended up posted a question to other "small carriers" yesterday (which helped a bit). I guess that there are two sides to the weight/size coin. Sucks to not fit into your clothes, but now I'm wishing I was bigger. Ultrasound is tuesday...long time to wait. Anyway, that's it. Keep up all the stories.


ekay - October 13

Okay, so I've already failed at counting calories.....I'm gonna take a nap.


lyn - October 13

What a difference 4 weeks makes on the cry. Sometimes I think people are going to call the police on me when I am changing her diaper. She did smile for the first time while we were playing yesterday. Just once, oh and she smiled while in her bouncy chair this morning, but when I looked over at her she stopped. I still haven't even thought about trying on my prepregnancy jeans. I do fit into my prepregnancy shirts though, but that would be easier anyways. And s_x......I want to so bad, but I want to wait till 8 weeks because I want to be on birth control before we do it (he wants to wait the 2 extra weeks to make sure). I just feel like I never spend anytime with my husband. And I love Kate more than anything, but I still love my husband just as much as ever (maybe just a little bit more now). Cit-- they do like the b___b a lot. Wait till he goes through his first growth spurt. It will be 24/7 b___b time. We have gone through that 2 times now. It normally only lasts a day, maybe 2 but it goes away. Then your milk supply will go up for the next 2 days and he will sleep a little bit more those days, that is the awesome part. There are some new photos of her on our web site: so check em out. See you later!!!


Beth - October 13

Lyn, Kate is ssooo adorable!! Alyssa has that little lseeper nightgown too! She was only able to wear it once though because it was small on her, haa haa. I have a gig little girl!!


ekay - October 14

That is a cute baby lyn! Does she still suck her thumb? It sucks when they get older and they are sucking their thumb (my son does it and is 4), but man it suer helps them sleep. Josephine smiled her first smile yesterday. She seems to not be crying quite as much too, although it's still quite a bit. She seems to dig lying on the floor and listening to Eric Clapton. Babies are odd.


MichelleB - October 14

Lyn, Kate is adorable! Especially the bath one where she is peaking out. I met my friends 2 week old baby yesterday..........Kiev is twice his size! I cannot believe how fast they grow. It is really sad. I have some new 7 week old pics of Kiev on the site. My work had a small shower yesterday as well and everyone said he was a monster........I didnt think he was THAT big....what do you girls think? As for food, I swear I am pregnant again..I am hungry all the time....especially in the middle of the night. Is that normal? We ordered Chinese food tonight (YUM) and I had to restrain myself from eating the whole thing........maybe my body is hybernating! Cit, a new study came out about soothers and SIDS suggesting that it is good for babies to fall asleep with soothers...not sure why, I didnt catch the whole thing, but I think it keeps them from falling into a deep sleep, so I wouldnt worry about it too much. As for the st_tches..did they give you a little squirt bottle for when you pee...I found it really helped. Also bathes if you can find the time.


lyn - October 14

Ekay-- she has only sucked her thumb 3x now. Every time she did it right away, no rooting around just popped it in. She is too darn cute when she does it. We went to the hospital to visit her Aunt (also my nurse when I had her) and all the nurse were all over her. They said that they never get to see the babies after they leave the hospital. So she was the talk of the floor. We weighed her also, 9lbs 7oz at one month old. Now I am positive she's getting enough milk. Everyone was asking if I was feeling okay and would give me a (wholly c___p I heard what all happen when you delivered look, especially the ones who witnessed it first hand). So that made me wish that I would have grabbed a mirror as soon as I came home (thank god I didn't though) cause it must have been bad. And I have finally learned when the best time is to pump milk so I can go to the grocery store by my self on Sunday I am so EXCITED about that!!! Well everyone have a great weekend. And Cit you won't believe how much they change week by week.


citrouille - October 15

ok for those b___stfeeding.. onions are a bad bad idea! I ate something with onions in it and Tristan had the worst belly ache all night long and slept sooo badly! It was terrible the poor little thing.. I felt so bad. He got all red in the face and was squirming.. Anyway, he seems to be doing better now and is back to his happy cute self. Daddy gave him his bath today and he loved it.. so cute to see them together. I feel so fat and ugly right now.. I really have nothing to wear except pregnancy clothes! How long will it be before I can get kinda normal clothes on? Lyn, your pics are great! Kate is sooooo cute! Michelle what is the link for your pics again? I seem to have lost it!


MichelleB - October 15

Hey Cit. Thats too bad about the belly ache. It breaks your heart to see them cry like that :<. I am back in regular clothes at about 6 weeks (after I stopped b___stfeeding, otherwise my b___bs would not fit into anything!). The belly doesnt seem to look 3 months pregnant anymore. Mind you they are not MY regular clothes...I borrowed from friends and picked up one pair of cheap jeans to get me by. I am probably still two sizes bigger, but I dont think I have that post pregnancy look anymore. Its great that Tristan likes his baths. Kiev hated them at first, but loves them now too! For the only other 'boy' in the group, Kiev seems to have found his peepee! When I am changing him, his hands are always down there, I have to pull them out of his diaper...I hope this is not the start of something! webite is



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