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k - August 31

I'm 28 weeks, and went to the doctor today and she told me I was anemic. Anyone else have this, and will it go away?


Cathy - August 31

hi K-I am 30 weeks and was told 2 weeks ago I was anemic as well. They put me on iron supplements in addition to my prenatal vitamins. It should go away after the baby is born. The baby takes alot of your iron now and if you are not getting enough then your supply is low( I am don't eat meat so i know thats why my iron is low) did they put you on an iron tablet? When are you due?


jen - September 1

I have this problem as well and I am on iron. Which if you take a lot of calcium it could stop absorbtion of the iron. Eat lots of raisins (Lots) best source of iron. THis will go away once baby is born. You probably feel really tired. Don't worry the baby gets what it needs, but you feel like c___p. Good luck


K - September 1

Thanks for the info Cathy & Jen. Yeah they put me on iron pills so hopefully they help. I feel so weak and tired all the time! Cathy-I'm due November 25 (day after Thanksgiving) U??


sara - September 1

I am also considered high risk anemic. They just add you taking 2 iron pills per day on top of the prenatal vitamins. Or so they did with me. But my iron always stays low. Doesnt matter if Im eating enough or not. Ive been like this since I was small. :/ Im due in 7 days.


chel - September 1

I, too, was put on iron for anemia at about 28 weeks. Be aware that they can cause constipation. Also, my doctor told me not to take them within an hour of having any dairy products as calcium interferes with the absorption of iron. Also should not take them close to taking prenatal vitamins as they contain calcium.


chel - September 1

I also meant to say that they can cause stomach upset if taken on an empty stomache even though that is the best way to take them for maximum absorption. signs of anemia include: fatigue, shortness of breath and the ability to bruise easy.



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