Anesthesiologist Refusing To Give You An Epidural

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Remy - July 4

At my last doctors visit, my doctor said that it would be a good idea to go to the epidural class if I want to get one, because if I don't the anesthesiologist could be like.. and these were my doctors exact words, "Oh she didn't go to the epidural class, so I don't have to give her an epidural"... Have any of guys you ever heard of that? An anesthesiologist being able to refuse to give you an epidural just because you didn't go to their epidural education class? Thanks :) - Remy


ashley - July 4

ive never even heard of an epidural cla__s.


Mellissa - July 4

I have to go to a cla__s too, even though i don't plan on getting the epidural. but my midwife said they would let me still get the epi if i didn't go to the cla__s although they'd have to give me a 30 minute lesson on the side effects and stuff, and she said you really don't want to hear it when you're in labor.. a friend of mine actually had the anesthesiologist threaten to not give her the epi because she was crying too much! i think it's their call, but i can't imagine someone actually refusing to allow you to have drugs, especially if you're willing to pay for them, or your insurance covers them.


HannahBaby - July 4

They have the cla__ses so that patients can fully understand the risks and benefits of an epidural. The anest. can refuse to give you an epidural. I know that i didnt get one because i was in so much pain that i couldent comprehend what they were saying and i wanted to know the risks before so i just settled for the narcotics. I wish my doc had cla__ses then at least i would have been informed. My drs always say "well discuss it when the time comes" and by then i was so far gone to even begin to have a conversation with my dr. Just take the cla__s.


ashley - July 4

wow, guess its not offered or routine at my hospital. How wild is that! its a good thing I have gone through nursing school and learned about them then, because at the hospital I am delivering at they never have said anything about a cla__s!


Mingill - July 5

I have never heard of of an epidural cla__s. Epidurals are part of the standard pain management offered by my hospital. They a__sume you as the patient will inform yourself about what you do or do not want.


sweetsouthernbelle - July 5

i have to take a cla__s also...mines scheduled for the 20th of July..they also told me the same thing about i couldnt have an epi unless i took the im gonna take it...cause i know im gonna want luck ladies:D


Tanna - July 5

maybe he was kidding? hopefully he was kidding.


tryingx3 - July 5

around here, you either have to take a cla__s at the hospital or watch a video at the anesthesiologist office in order to "sign-up" for epidural.


sweetsouthernbelle - July 5

well around here you seriously HAVE to take a cla__s which is kinda messed up...but oh'll b okay i can handle a cla__s


tryingx3 - July 5

I haven't actually gone to anes office to find out if that is still the way, but hope so...because the cla__s I can get into is a bit closer to date than I prefer!


Kara H. - July 5

Unfortunately in this lawsuit crazy world we live in now, some hospitals are requiring the cla__s to make sure you understand what you are consenting too.


Tanna - July 5

Where are you guys from? I live in Ohio and up until this thread I had never even heard of such a thing as having to take a cla__s in order to be able to recieve epi.


krc - July 5

i am in sarasota florida and I have to take a cla__s also if I want an epi. Thing is I plan on going natural but my doc and midwife insist I register for the epi just in case. I told them that if I dont take the cla__s than that is a good thing cuz when I'm in labor I wont be thinking in the back of my mind.. well maybe i'll get an epi. If it isn't available to me than I can't wuss out . .


megzi_03 - July 6

I guess it depends on your location. Like Tanna, I live in Ohio and have never heard of such a thing, so I asked my dad who does anesthesia and he has never refused an epidural to anyone or heard of a required cla__s.


Ca__sie06 - July 6

We didnt have a cla__s, but at the hospital I will deliver at will not give you an epidural unless you watch the video and talk to the anestegiologist (sp?) before going into labor, and then sign a release. I dont want to get the epi but I went and took care of all this a few weeks ago to get my dr off my back. They want to make sure you understand what will happen, the risks, etc so the hospital and dr are not liable if anything goes wrong.


sweetsouthernbelle - July 6

Im from Waycross Georgia...which is really really far south



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