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krista-lee - May 30

hi ladies! i thought id start this thread for all us mommies to keep track of, and let eachother know how us overdue may mommies are feeling! anyone have their baby yet? and whos still waiting with me?


mejjohnson - May 31

HI! I am stilll waiting with ya krista!! Heather W- I wish you the best of luck hun- and hope you and your baby have a healthy delivery!! I don't know about the rest of you but I feel pretty grouchy at 12 days over-due!! I'm also pretty nervous knowing that whether my son likes it or not he's coming out of mommy by the end of this Friday!! I am not getting much sleep b/c I can't turn my brain off- but other then those complaints we are lucky that both baby and I are healthy and hopefully can expect to have an easy delivery. I have a doctors appt at 3:30 I will be sure to update you all on if I get an exact date and time for induction!!


lori - May 31

I'm still here too, 9 days over due today. It looks like I'm going to have a June baby after all. I have another u/s tommorow. My OB said she would induce me tommorow if I wanted by I really don't want to be induced so I told her I would wait a full two weeks over first. So we will discuss induction on Monday if I haven't had the baby by then. I am totally depressed every morning now when I wake up and haven't had any contractions or any signs of impending labour. I don't want to talk to anyone, they just upset me with all the "what, no baby yet" talk. I'm with you mejjohnson, I'm loosing my sense of humour about this and getting a bit grouchy. Doesn't help that I only sleep about 3 hours a night now. Are any of you considering going post-term (over 42 weeks) if nothing has happened by then? Hope everything goes OK for you Heather W. Here's withing you an easy delivery. 2Bamom - have you had your baby? I think we had the same due date.


mejjohnson - May 31

update- GREAT NEWS! We are going to the hospital to be induced tomorrow night at 7:00 with Cervidil- if the cervidil doesn't work they will be doing Pitocin on Friday morning. I am SO excited now. Lori- my doctor said that going post-term is potentially harmful to the baby and the mother, so I made the decision to go ahead and be induced since I'll be 42 weeks Friday morning. I wish you all the best of luck. Tonight me and the hubby are going out to dinner and enjoying our last night alone in our home. :) one last WOO-HOO!


Steph - May 31

Yay!! Congrats to you!! I hope you and your hubby enjoy your last quiet dinner together for a while!! :o) Good luck to you and I hope all goes well!!!


Heather W - May 31

mejjohnson...thanks for your good thoughts...I had another nst today..and everything was a little better, meaning that baby's heartbeat did what it was supposed to do, although it wsa sitting at a baseline of 120. So my Fill in dr called me tonight and asked about baby movements and contraction...and said I should go for another one tomorrow..then see how we were doing. I toold his secretary, that I was scared that we were waiting until something went"wrong" and having the possibility of a csec, and that I would prefer to be induced while all was still relatively well..and try for another vag birth. I think he may say yes if I asked...but I've only implied that I wasnt an tomorrow I see... I am so happy that you know your baby will be here by fri mej. And Lori...I feel for you...I hate talking to anyone too...people who only mean well...stupid lady who just went overdue with her klast one, keeps calling , what you are still home??? She should know how irritating that is...grrr. I don't even answer the phone anymore. started this thread, where are you sitting? The funny thing is as I ask this...I realize that another pg person in the same situation doesn't sound nearly as annoying as a non pg ;east I hope. Wishing all well...sorrry to babble.


krista-lee - May 31

im still here, waiting for labor also! lol. i hope it comes soon, i really dont wanna be induced :[ mej congrats!! i have an appointment that day (2nd) and i hope something is going on for me! I hope angelbebe, 2Bamom and Ba8y6irl have had their babies! they havent replied here, maybe they all gave birth on the same day! so the may mommies are now OFFICIALLY JUNE MOMMIES ! not GREAT news, but we all know we cant be pregnant forever : )


mejjohnson - June 1

Heather- glad to hear the the heart beat was better this time, and I wanted to send one last good luck. And Krista- good luck at your appt on Friday, here's wishing you lots of progress!


angelbebe - June 1

HI ladies! I had my little girl Tues, May going to post my birth story.


krista-lee - June 1

great story angelbebe! its good to know one of us is a may mommie : ] the rest of us are still waiting lol


Heather W - June 2

cograts angel bebe...I still await my new one 3 days late...Baby dust to all of us...krista good luck on your induction today! Mej..are you still here today?


krista-lee - June 2

just back from the doctors! i had to get a NST done and a fetal a__sessment... seems like the baby is smaller then usual (6 lbs 2oz) so my doctor said another few days would help the baby.. i have an appointment on june 8th and hes gonna scheduel an induction date for me! i hope i go into labor before then, good luck may... i mean june mommies!


krista-lee - June 4

bumping! mej had her induction so hoping to hear from her soon!!! : ) hows everyone else? im still waiting!


Heather W - June 5

Hi all, I'm still here...and baby is still in. I only get frustrated with this at night when my pubic bone burns and my hips ache....I don't have another dr apt til wed...I think that I should say that I'm not leaving his office until an that crazy...probably, but that's how I feel some days. I know that we can't be pg forever...but really now!!So no word from mej..probably still in hospital. Krista did you have any other problems with this pg? Krista aren't you 2 weeks over +?? Sorry pg brain , I can't hardly remember...I am pfficially 6 days late tyoday. Did you have an us that said that baby was only 6-2?


krista-lee - June 5

Hey Heather ! im STILL here, STILL waiting lol. im now 41 weeks 3 days, i have an appointment on the 8th and thats when my doctor is gonna schedule and induction! i hope to go into labor soon though!


Heather W - June 5

Sorry to here that Krista...I had hoped...for your sake... that you had gone in. I have this awfull pain in the front/inside upper thigh today...I know that the baby is pressing on my nerves going down the front...It buckles me over...I think that I am going to call my dr and tell him that on wed when I come in...I'm not leaving without a you think that they listen to our opinions on how we think things are going?? Take care


Ba8y6irl - June 5

Hi ladies!! Just to let you all know that Sara Rachel McKechnie decided to make her entrance into this world on May 30. She was born 7lbs 5oz and is doing great! Infact I think she is starting to stir as I type!! I must attend! lol talk to you all in a bit!!



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