AngelCare Monitor

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Melissa - July 22

I recently heard about this monitor for babies. It sets off an alarm when your baby stops breathing. It is suppose to prevent sudden infant death symdrome. Has anyone used this? Any thoughts on its usefullness? Or is it just something to maek paranoid moms feels better? i have been thinking of buying one, but just not sure about it. Look forward to your input.


anne - July 22

I am not aware of this product, however a good place to look it up would be on Consumer Reports. com. They do a great job testing out all of the products.


Maria - July 26

I heard great things about it. We registered for it. :)


Jbear - July 27

I've never tried it, but it's made by Bebe Sounds, right? I bought one of their prenatal heart listeners and was really dissatisfied with it.


Melissa - July 27

Not sure if it is made by Bebe Sounds. Everything it have seen says AngelCare.


Ranya - July 27

Just read a bunch of reviews on this product and it seems that most users are extremely happy with it and recommend it, I think I'm going to register for it :)


Jessica - July 27

I've heard mixed reviews about it. Some parents say it has a lot of false alarms that wakes up the whole house at 3am. I guess the pad under the baby has to be set just right. Other parents swear by it and say they don't know the false alarm wasn't the real thing. I do know that if the batteries are low or the cord comes out of the wall, the alarm will sound. Good luck!


Sonya-edd 10/12/05 - July 28

I had this product when I had my son in 2001. I have mixed feelings about it. There were false alarms because the pad that goes under the mattress to detect babies movement (through breathing) is very small. Once baby is old/large enough to move around crib, if they get off of the area where the pad is the alarm will go off. The false alarms at 3 in the morning are horribly terrifying, however we felt it was worth it then. We stopped using it at some point (I can't remember my son's age when we stopped) because of the false alarms. I am pretty sure we will use it again. It is relatively inexpensive considering what you are protecting. I think we paid $100.00 for ours. My mother kept my son at her home when I went back to work and she got one too. I don't think she had as many false alarms as we did, but then again he didn't sleep as much at her house (or at least not in his crib).



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