Annoyed At Doctor S Office

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annoyed - December 13

any one else feel this way? my doctor is a good twenty min. drive away, and i feel like everytime i go there, lately, it is like one visit is shorter than the last. he will take time and talk to me if i have questions, but if i don't happen to have any its h__lo, lets hear the heart beat, come back in two weeks, good bye!!! i think the nurse that weighs me and takes my blood pressure spends more time with me! i am 34 weeks and i have been going every two weeks since week 28, and after my next visit, i have to start going every week!!!! don't get me wrong, he's a great doctor and has delivered tons of babies, but i guess i just feel a little short changed, the travel time there and back is longer than the whole visit (waiting room time and all, because they always get me in pretty quickly) sorry everyone just wanted to vent...any one else??


Jennifer - December 13

I understand! I am the same way. I am going every week now and I am due in about 2 weeks. They do tend to get in and get out quicker now. I don't know why. You would think it would be opposite right. Just hang in there. I think if I am not mistaken they are in the delivery room even less time then what they see you in the office for. Who knows! Good luck!


annoyed - December 14

i guess we should just be happy that nothing is wrong and they can be in and still sucks though..........sigh..........


Annette - December 14

I am totally with you. In NY doctors can be the most impersonal on Earth. Mine doesn´t answer my questions as I would like her to; I am a first time mom and many things are new to me, often I have to ask "Is this normal?" and half of the time she shrugs and says "I don´t know, you tell me!". The nurse is in charge of checking my blood pressure, weight and baby´s heartbeat so when the doctor goes in it´s just like "mmm everything looks fine, see you next month". Fortunately she was on vacation last month and the doctor covering happened to be much better and dedicated, I don´t know if I can change doctors at 30 weeks. But just like you said, it´s good to know there is nothing there to be worried about.


regina - December 14

oh, I can relate, I mean, my doctor is pretty nice, but the last few visits I feel like she is annoyed and I am being rushed. at least things are normal, yes, but I would not mind a little more time with her (or at least feel like she not in hurry to leave!)


andrea - December 14

Same here-My b/f went to a visit with me. After we left he was talking about how he was in the wrong profession because he was capable of doing what she did. It would be nice to have a more personal or close relationship, but in all honesty those ob's have alot of patients and frankly don't care about that(at least for those of us with deadbeats).With my last pregnancy-I had a female ob and loved her. Of course, when it came time to deliver she wasn't on duty(it was the week-end), so the doc "on call" delivered my daughter. I'm not a pro-male ob, so i was not very happy with the fact I spent 9 months with one doc and she wasn't thier at go time. Some doc's would have said-day or night,week-day or week-end-YOU CALL ME! I have a female again, but doubt she'll even be the one who delivers, so whats the point of a good realtionship throughout?


Jean - December 14

Yes, I feel the same. I really like my doctor, but she is just very short. If I have a question, she has a quick answer and I feel better off just looking online because I feel like she really wants to move on to the next patient. Also, she offers up NO information unless I ask her for it. But I trust her ability to deliver my baby. I got a doula -- hopefully she'll be more involved and empathic.


Ginny - December 14

At least you don't have to wait long! LOL! Unless I'm the first apptmt of the day, I usually have to wait about 35-40 minutes, then the nurse does the weight and blood pressure and I wait another 5 or 10 minutes on the doctor - who sees me for about 5 minutes. I have to interrupt her telling me to have a good day if I have a question. I always think, I can't believe I'm missing work for this! She's very knowledgable and friendly, she just breezes in and out too quickly for what I'm paying her.


to annoyed - December 14

I am sorry that you feel short changed but look at the bright side atleast your not spending a bunch of time sitting in the waiting room, my doc is the same way except I don't really have that long of a drive I just sometimes end up sitting for awhile in the waiting room then in the exam room then the doc comes in and it is like for 2 seconds then they are gone see ya in 2wks or whatvever it happens to be to be honest the nurse does the most including the baby's heartbeat and it is just me or does your doc ask you the same set of questions every single time..."have you had any vomiting.,bleeding, water leaking, or contractions?" I mean do they think if any of these things happened that we would need a prompt to mention it??!! well sorry had to vent anyhow good luck and take care


terri - December 14

i can understand where everyone else is coming from.. i feel the exact same way as everyone else.. my doctor is a good doctor and has delivered lots of babies, but i also find that he is very short with me. i walk into his office and he says how are you, lets get you up on the table to measure your belly and listen to the heartbeat and than after that i climb down and he says ok see you next i delivered my first child and left me there and said see you in 8 and half hours and three and a half hours later sons head as already out and waiting on doctor...nurse was nervous he wouldnt make it on time but told me not to worry cause she knew how to deliver if she had to.



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