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Fatima - April 9

Why is it that some people think that as we pregnant women are craving everything we see and want to eat everything all the time? Today, on my way to work, I sat next to this old lady on the bus and she was eating a frozen jello. She was like, here have some, your pregnant. And I answered politely "no thank you". She says "youre pregnant right?" (duh). And I answered yes. She goes, we can share, I eat it from this side and you get the other. I dont even know this lady. I again, answered no thank you. Then after 2 minutes, she goes, "here put your hand", when I said no really, thanks... she dropped a piece of it on my seat, and dirtied my WHITE capris. OMG. I understand her good intention but what part of no does she not understand?? So now I am at work with dirty clothes thanks to this old lady who thinks that when I said no, i was dying to eat her jello! What is wrong with these people??


Tye - April 9

Sounds to me like she was a little confused but that would have really p__sed me off!!! It sounds to me like you handled it a lot more politely than I would have- I probebly would have said quite a few unladylike words atleast! IU think you are a VERY tolerant lady!


Tess - April 9

LOL...that was funny!


meme - April 10

That really is a funny story. It belongs in a movie script.


bean - April 10

Here - eat my jello?! Yuck! Crazy old bat! :)


Nora1 - April 10

Ha! That is hilarious! I love that story! But, sorry about your pants...that's the only downside I guess! :)


Fatima - April 10

Its funny now that I look back at it, but it really did annoy me when she dirtied my pants since I was barely on my way to work. She did kinda get embara__sed though after she dropped some of it on me. She kinda just turned and looked out the window the rest of the way. Haha


Ba8y6irl - April 10

lol thats so funny! I would have been less pleasent the 3rd time around. Like I dont want your freakin Jello lady! If I did I would have my own!


AML - April 10

I know what you mean when people automatically think you eat everything you see. I work in a retirement community and our activity department is always having some kind of entertainment or function that involves snacks....they always bring me some and say "here you need this, your pregnant"....actually, I DO NOT NEED THAT AND NOR DO I WANT IT! GEESE! Thanks for being considerate but If I wanted some I would come and get it! When I put my dinner order in to the kitchen they automatically put a little bit of everything on my tray! I really dont eat that much, and I really dont like EVERYTHING!


Nita_ - April 11

that is a funny story!! LOL!! sorry abt ur pants though Fatima!


Tye - April 11

Last night I went and get a Quiznoes sandwich and the guy that was making my sandwich was like do you want anything extra on it-I'm like no thankyou. He then said are you sure? No extra tomatoes? (shook my head no)No extra lettuce?(no thankyou)Meat?(No.)Cheese?(no.) Do you want a side of guacamole?-doesn't even come on the sandwich-(No thankyou.) Are you sure?It's so good. (No really-I don't care for it.) No try it it's different then regular guachamole, it's really good! You don't want just a little?(shook my head vigerously and said (I actually really hate any guachamole.) He then said -Oh I know I hate it too , it's my wife that really likes it. HEELLOO! My head was spinning when I left the store! Don't get- just don't get it.


Ba8y6irl - April 11

lol does anyone ever feel kinda guilty when people offer up their seat to you on the bus or train or whatever? Sometimes older people (not necessarily grandmas, but older than me) offer me a seat I feel kinda bad for saying yes, even though I am dying to sit. Sometimes I even say no, and I wait for someone younger to offer their seat to me. On the other hand younger people can be sooo ignorant. It could be a busy bus and they look at you waving back and forth (since balance no longer comes that easy) and they still just look away... they look at you a couple times and continue like they never saw you....


Fatima - April 11

Ba8y6irl, I know what you mean about people offering their seat. Sometimes, I get annoyed when nobody offers their seat, but then when somebody does, I do feel kinda guilty. But I cant stay standing for long anymore, I feel like I cant breathe. And then the bus drivers here in Mexico are horrible, they drive like mad people.



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