Another Gestational Diabetes Question

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Traci76 - June 16

First of all, I'm definately not complaining - just confused! My numbers have been pretty good the last 3 days. Weird thing is, I'm eating the same things I was eating before. For example, my breakfast of 2 sausage biscuits, were giving me numbers as high as 138, but averaging 126. Yesterday it was 113, and today 115. Same breakfast! This is the kicker though. I splurged last night and had 4 slices of pizza. I KNEW my numbers were going to be high. Nope. 126!!! WTH?? Like I said, definately not complaining - but confused! Anyone got an explanation?


foxhoundsrgr8 - June 16

If you eat a lot of fat (or protein for that matter) along with your carbohydrates that will slow absorption, therefore your insulin response will be better, which means there won't be as much glucose in your blood at any one time...I hope this makes sense - the more fat and protein you eat with your carbs, the lower your numbers will be.


Traci76 - June 16

What I don't understand is how the numbers have dropped so much, and eating the exact same thing? I had pizza a couple of weeks ago, and my number was a lot higher than that! And I eat this breakfast every single morning.


Danielle19 - June 16

i have gd too and my numbers are doing the same thing, i even had mt dew and a piece a pie with my supper the other nite and my numbers were 92 after 2 hours are taking any other medicines they think the steriods i was taking have messed up my blood sugar, there known too so that could be a possibility all i know is i can eat whatever i want and it hasn't effected my number latly you might also want to test your meter and make sure its right did they give you that blue stuff to test it?


jas - June 17

What they don't tell you is that there are a LOT of factors other then carbs that influence the numbers.... I had GD that went away when my ds was born in March. My numbers were all over the place even though I ate the same thing, same amount, same time of day... Other things that influence the numbers 1.. Stress level 2.. heartburn and heartburn medicine (that was my kicker for the fasting first morning number... It would always be high, turned out, I would pop a few rolaids during the night and not think anything of it ... WRONG... I was put on Zantac and it worked wonders!) 3.. How much (or how little) exercise you have had that day. There are a few more, but that's all I can think of off the top of my head and my little one is up... SLEEP NOW WHILE YOU CAN!!!!



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