Another Pubic Pelvic Bone Question

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krc - June 23

okay here's my other discomfort as of lately. I am 34 weeks and I am assuming my little man is dropping? He's still super active but my crotch hurts !!!! LOL Like in my groin area but on the right side only. Or the right side of my pubic bone. I thought that when they start to settle and your pelvis starts to stretch you feel it all over, not just on ne side. Maybe it's just the pressure. Any ladies experience pubic/pelvic discomfort on only one side???


mommie2be - June 23

I'm 33 wks and I've been having this exact same thing on/off for just over a week now- same as you- on the right side and it's quite the discomfort at times. My appt was Monday and the doctor did an internal and found that baby was head down. Dr said the head can go further down than the when the baby is breech (the b___t can only go so far)- so that this sensation was part of it. She really couldn't explain why it was on one side though.


Patti - June 23

I had the groin pain on the left with #3 and starting it again with #4. Not sure why, but it seems to be somewhat normal. My baby's head is already down too (29 weeks.) I also feel like the baby is slamming my cervix all the time!


Soontobemom - June 25

I have had that for the last 2 weeks or so, now I am almost 37 weeks (tommorrow). I have that feeling on my left side too, I think it is just baby pushing down on that side.


Laurabb4 - June 25

My baby pushes on my left side also. It is like she is pushing on a nerve. It hurts pretty bad sometimes. I did not get this pain with the first three. I am 36 1/2 weeks along.


fefer1 - June 26

I have the same pain on my left side, but it's been there for LONG time, maybe since 16 weeks?? I'm 30 weeks now. My baby is head down and right on top of my cervix according to my ultrasound last week. It's so painful that I have a hard time getting up out of chairs or from a sitting position. I have to spread my legs nice and wide kind of like a squat in order to get up!



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