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Nurs2b21 - November 13

I was wondering if any of you have noticed that your hair has got darker during your pregnancy. I have noticed a huge change in my hair. I have been blonde all my bright blonde and my hair is almost a sandy blonde now and you can see red in it. I just thought this was strange. I can't find anything on the web about it though. I did read something about some women get red highlights when they're having a girl but I have been told I'm having a boy. I hope it's a boy! Anybody else noticed this?


emfine99 - November 13

Well... I cna't help much there, my hair is naturally dark brown, almost black, but I am part Irish and I generally get red highlights.... I'm having a girl so I really don't know if that myth is true or not since my highlights usually show up in the summer. My hair does feel different though!


mrssolo - November 13

All my life my hair was light blond. After having my son 9 years ago it is a dark dirty blond to the point I now highlight it. well since this pregnancy my roots (since I have not highlighted) are brown. I think its a hormone change that darkens your hair especially if its blond. I keep saying after this pregnancy I won't be blond anymore. These will make three boys for me.


Nurs2b21 - November 13

Mrssolo, I had to get highlights too. I've never had hair this dark and its like ahhh. I can even see the red in my eyebrows. I'm so use to being blonde..I don't want to be a red head..haha.


jennifer_33106 - November 13

haha you know that is interesting. I have noticed my hair darker then it was. Naturally I am a light brunette but it seems to have a reddish brown color now and I havent dyed it since last march. haha


margie - November 13

hormones definetely affect your hair a lot, both color and texture. i have been dyeing my hair so im not sure if the color has changed but the curl is a lot tighter than usual. i know that in my family that all the blondes get a bit darker during puberty which i would a__sume is cause of hormones so maybe the same concept? except with pregnancy it will probably go back after i would a__sume


Nurs2b21 - November 13

I hope it does go back...but if not its okay. Totally worth it!



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