Another Question Cramping And More Spotting

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kristyn1028 - October 29

So today I woke up around six having to use the restroom so I went and when I wiped there was like a milky discharge that was tinged pink/red with blood...that lasted for about 3 hours...anyone know what this could be?? I didn't go to the doctor because today was my baby shower and I didn't wanna miss it. But all day I've been having contractions and cramping and lower back pain... Im only 30 weeks..anyone know what this could be??


Anathi - October 29

I suggest to call your Dr so you could be at ease but to me it sounds like you might be loosing ur show I hope that would help you and good luck


Tory1980 - October 29

Cramping, lower back pain and then a pink/red discharge are all signs of preterm labour. You need to go and get checked out by your Doctor or the hospital.


EMMA2 - October 29

Sounds like labor to me. You really need to get on the phone with your dr.


kristyn1028 - October 29

Thanks ladies. The cramping has stopped some today so if it returns i'll call the doc. I just hate to if its nothing because I was just there last friday because of some spotting and then tuesday for my doctors visit...and I go again next tuesday..


josie4 - October 29

I would call your doctor, even if the cramping has slowed. Sounds like labor and bloody show to me.


kristyn1028 - October 29

Is it normal to be having all those signs one day and the next they seem to fizzle off?? I still have light cramping, but no bloody stuff and hardly no back pain. Could I still be going into preterm labor or do you think it was something else?


EMMA2 - October 29

you need to call your dr. you can't take things into your own hands because you don't feel like bothering him or her or feel disappointment if it is nothing. better safe than sorry.


kristyn1028 - October 29

I went to the doctor and Im not dialating! But because of the bleeding and cramping he thinks there may be something wrong with where the placenta is located so I have to go for an ultrasound on wed.


EMMA2 - October 30

there you go ! see how important it is to consult your dr.....i hope its nothing major. gl


kristyn1028 - October 30

I know, it is important. I won't doubt it from now on!! Im just confused because I've read that people with placenta previa dont really have cramping and mine keeps continuing....guess I'll find out tomorrow!!



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