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Tanya2 - June 23

Hi Ladies, We have decieded to name our boy CJ, (Charlie Junior), after his Dadddy. But we will be calling him CJ and that will be his name. I was just wondering how that will work legally? Legally can he be called CJ, or does it have to be Charlie Junior, and can Junior be a middle name or do we have to get another middle name???? Please help since I have no idea. Thank you.


lexa - June 23

You can name your baby whatever you want! You can also call him whatever you want to also! Do you want CJ to be the acutal name? Or Charlie Junior and use CJ as a nickname? My cousin's name is J Daniel. J (yep, just the letter J) is his first name. So whatever you want to name the baby, you can! Once it's on paper (birth certificate) then it's "legal".


Been There - June 24

So he's really not a Junior? You just want to refer to him as Charlie Junior, is that correct? If you want a true Junior, you'd have to name him a true (exact name, Junior at the end). But other than that, you can choose whatever you'd like to name him. Anything could be his middle name if you wanted it to be. It's your choice.


Mingill - June 24

I never considered this, my cousin is a Randy Jr. but I can't for the life of me think how it looks on his drivers license. I think that he has his father's middle name, and that's why they put the junior on the end, to tell the difference between father and son. But if you want your son's middle name to be junior, I don't see how that's any different from naming him anything else, it's still a name. As far as I know the only provice to have regulations about names is Quebec, so I don't think you have anything to worry about.


Ginny - June 24

My father is a JR and my brother is a third, and they all go by different names. Their numbers in the phone book are under their nick names, so that kind of thing isn't an issue.


Lacey - June 24

My Great grandpa, my Grandpa, and my Uncle all have(had) the same name, Benjamin Barr Groff. Great grandpa went by Ben, Grandpa went by Barr, and my uncle goes by Barry. In the phone book it is by their nick names. Also they sign most things by their nick names, unless it is something that has to have their full legal name on it. What ever name you put on the birth certificate is the legal name, but you do not have to call them that.


Tanya2 - June 24

Thanks for all your input, so from what I'm understanding legally his first name CAN be CJ, we haven't decieded on a middle name so lets just say Matthew is a middle name so he can be called CJ Matthew Surname, is that correct? I was wondering because I thought legally he would have to be called Charlie Junior Surname, or Charlie Matthew Surname and we call him CJ at home. The reason we are going with CJ is that my husband doesn't like his own name Charlie and doesn't want his son to be named after him, but I really wanted to so we decieded CJ. Any other thoughts/ideas will be more than welcome. Thanks again everyone.


Mingill - June 24

Isn't Charlie a form of Charles? How about that? I've heard of people changing their names to numbers (they were really into numerology), so I think simple initials like CJ would be okay.


charliepaulchloe - June 25

hi all, my cousin called her son Dennis Junior but he is known as DJ was only when he got christened that the rev said his full name. another friend also named hers Antony James but he doesnt like it so he is known as Jimmy even the school call him Jimmy. And I believe a few yrs back someone even gave their child the names of all the players in a football team they supported, that must have been a long one lol. Good luck xx


Tanya2 - June 26

Thanks charliepaulchloe


mcatherine - June 26

Everyone is right - you can name your baby anything you want. When I was born - the lady at the hospital doing my birth certificate asked my mother my first name and she said Mary Catherine. Then she asked for my second name and my mom said none - she didn't want me to have one, so the lady wrote none in the space for middle name. Wouldn't you know my birth certificate, as well as my social security card showed my legal name to be Mary Catherine None Xxxxxx. They actually had to have it legally changed because my mother and father signed off on it that way! If you want his name to be CJ Matthew, name him CJ Matthew. There are plenty of men that have only middle initials that don't actually have a name to go with them. It's an older tradition, but not unheard of by any means.



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