Another Qwestion About Membrane Stripping X X

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Revel - July 6

ok at my 38 week apptment on the 12 my dr says he s going to strip my membranes of which im excited but im just curious what if im not dialated or my cervix isnt thinned can he still do it? or will i have to wait even longer? i know there is only a 20% chacne of going into labor with in 24 hours but i really cant wait to see my beautiful little boy :) and i need to know if i should get my hopes up taht the dr will even be able to do it if im not dialated or anything x.x


Revel - July 6

also does anyone know the chances of me not being dialated or anything at all? or what week you start to?


maren - July 6

everyone is different as far as when they dialate. i was 1 cm dialated since 36 weeks and now that im overdue im finally 2 cm. I dont think that they can strip your membranes if your not dialated because from what i understand about it is they "disconect" the water bag from the cervex or the area around the cervex so they need to get their finger in there. But dont quote me on that im not completely sure.


livdea - July 6

maren is right. My dr was going to strip my membranes at my last appointment...but there was NO change...I've been one centimeter now for several weeks! He says he doesn't have enough room to get his fingers up there to "strip" them. So instead of stripping them, he pulled my cervix down!! It was posterior and needs to be anterior so he grabbed it and pulled on it...uncomfortable!!! He's hoping that will help baby's head put more pressure on the opening to get me to dialate more so maybe he can strip them next time...oh he did all of this today at my 39 week appointment! I don't know if it really did any thing but he moved some stuff around up there! Good luck!!!


Revel - July 8

ok i asked my personal nurse and she said taht you can strip the membranes when you are completely closed up but they have to pull the cervix down adn its very painful adn dr wont usually do it unless its neccessary


Leesa - July 8

Hi, I had a membrane sweep done on the 5th and I was almost 3cm dialated since then I have lost all of my mucus plug and had some spotting off and on I started having contraction the night the doctor did the sweep which got to 6 minutes apart, but they wouln't stay consistent right now I feel like I am about to start a really heavy period, but I am not having contractions. my doc told me that you have to be dialated some for them to do a membrane sweep. I am due tommorow so I am going to try to do a lot of walking today to try and get things going cause I am so ready to get this little guy here, but he just dosen't seem to want to leave his home!



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