Another Stomach Pain Question

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Traci76 - June 30

(32-1/2 weeks pregnant) I'm so confused about what's normal and what's not...what's a contraction, what's braxton-hicks, what's gas. LOL I never had any of these experiences with my first DD. Just the occasional painless tightening, which I thought at the time was just her stretching into me. Anyway, twice in the last few days, I've experienced this. Both times, it's been at night, just as I'm laying down to go to bed. My entire stomach hurts, and [b]really bad[/b] too!! It's constant for several minutes, and radiates into my, I'm sitting there with my entire stomach and my lower half of my back in constant pain. I feel like I might need to go to the bathroom, but don't need to. The first time it happened, I threw up really bad. Then, I gradually started feeling some relief, until I could eventually lay down. Everything probably lasted about 20 minutes. Last night when it happened, I got really dizzy and just really "out of it". I really couldn't talk or form sentences, couldn't think clearly because of the pain. I didn't throw up this time, and eventually the constant pain eased, and left me with mild lower menstrual type contractions for awhile. Everything probably lasted about 20 minutes again, then I fell asleep because I was drained from the pain. Did any of you experience anything like this? I'm starting to re-think my hopes of wanting to go into labor on my own. If it's that bad, I don't know how I'll be able to think clearly enough to get things ready to go to the hospital. (yes, things should be ready before then, but they probably won't be. LOL)


skn331 - July 1

I am pregnant with my first, so I am no expert, but I dont think thats normal. I'd call the doc.


Angiconda - July 1

I am also pregnant with my first so I cant really offer to much but I agree with skn331 I would give your doctor a call just to be on the safe side you could be going in to preterm labor or something. If nothing else atleast the doc can give you a piece of mind and maybe offer you some advice to get dome releif.


Kara H. - July 2

Make sure you are not dehydrated. I have gotten sick like that twice from not realizing that I had not drank enough that day.


falafal0 - July 2

I'm preg with my fourth, but it doesn't mean I know anymore than any one else so don't take my advice too seriously!...I get bad BH too, but because the pain is radiating down into your back, I'd go to the doctor. It sounds to me like an actual contraction, not a BH. My labour contractions always started at the back and wrapped around to my front. The fact also that your are experiencing severe pain enough to throw up or talk, is not right. As for getting ready to go to hospital, I'm 33 weeks and haven't started yet either, though 'm having baby at home, I still need to get the things the midwives have told me to get have - just have to do it. I always had a bag sitting in the cupboard or under the bed to grab when I needed to go. You're right, the pain is unbearable for me and I wouldn't be able to go around the house getting anything - my DH says I don't even know my own name when I'm in labour! :-) Seriously, get checked out. It doesn't sound right...keep us posted...


falafal0 - July 2

also Traci76, even with my worst BH contractions, the pain is nowhere what you have described which is why I don't think it would be BH. The only time I threw up from pain was when I was in labour with our second child. BH now makes me feel nauseous when they are bad, but the pain is more like a mild cramp and very uncomfortable, no back pain. They are always at the front..


Traci76 - July 3

Thanks for responding!! Just an update for you guys. I had my appt today, and told my doctor about what has been going on. She said that it sounds like one long contraction, or the baby balling up. I told her I had no idea contractions could last that long!! (well, not unless you're deep in labor) She said that unless the pains continue, then not to worry. She said the dizziness and/or throwing up could be a result from the pain. I have to do weekly non stress tests, and she said that he's obviously doing fine.



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