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Dia_ - May 23

Hi everyone! I am 37 weeks and in the past I have had problems with anxiety and depression...but mostly anxiety. I tend to be a very high strung person. I have taken the rest of the year off to be a mommy and I don't plan on going back to work until next year. For the last 2 weeks I have been really, really depressed to where I cry and cry everyday and I can't seem to break it. I am no longer taking any antidepressants b/c of the pregnancy and I was hoping to never have to go back on them. DH is noticing a difference in me and he is military so I am left alone alot - that is part of the reason I feel so sad all the time. I really, really, REALLY wanted to br___tfeed, but I think my depression is almost becoming more of a pressing matter. I won't br___tfeed if I am on antidepressants, but I want opinions from other women going through this. Also, I know this is controversial, but do you think severe depression is a good reason for an induction? I am so miserable I can hardly move - and I want to start antidepressants soon, but cannot while pregnant b/c I had a bad reaction to them....any other thoughts, stories, or opinions???/ Thanks!


3babies - May 23

Hi Dia, I think you need to do whatever you can to get through this and a supportive doctor will recognise that. I think that severe depression is certainly good enough reason for induction if it means you can be medicated. A healthy baby needs a healthy mum! One of my best friends had terrible postnatal depression with her second and stopped b___stfeeding because she had no choice but to start medication. She had a really good result and went on to have another child in a very stressful situation (placenta previa resulting in hysterectomy, hospital bedrest 8 weeks away from family), without suffering postnatal depression that time. Do you try other things aswell, ie exercise etc. I dont mean slog it out in the gym, but just a short walk each day, getting out for a coffee or movie etc. After my first baby, I made it a rule that I had to leave the house every day, otherwise I felt I would go crazy (it was winter). Even a trip to the shops was an outing. Just try to remember that our hormones are really messed around now and for a little while after bubs is here. Dont put too much pressure on yourself to feel "normal", talk to your hubby and your doctor about how you are feeling. Good luck, I hope it all works out for you!


Anne - May 23

Dia-I feel for you!! I took Effexor for depression & anxiety I got pg. and got off them right before I got pg. I talked to my dr. about this just last week, as I'm due in 2 weeks and know that I will need them again. Having depression and or anxiety is caused by a chemical imbalance. If you have been diagnosed with it, no amount of exercise or trying to make yourself feel better is going to help. If you need to take meds, you do what you need to do. My dr. told me to remind him when I'm at the hospital. He said he would give me something that I can take and still be able to nurse, so I'll try that. If what he gives me doesn't work, I'll go back to the Effexor and use formula. I think I can be the best mom possible by being aware of my emotions and doing what I can to keep myself balanced. Don't beat yourself up over it and talk to your dr. Postpartum depression is something they take very seriously--as well they should. Good Luck!!


Dia_ - May 23

Thanks 3Babies! I have been feeling like a nutcase lately and your post makes me feel better :) In the beginning of my pregnancy my doc noticed I was having bad anxiety and sent me to a counselor who helped me deal with the anxiety. I did really, really good for the rest of the pregnancy, but now that I am not working and I am alone alot I am just so sad all the time. I try to get out, but I live In Florida and it is about 95 degrees everyday and I have been having a problem with my pulse racing and my hands swelling really badly so I am pretty much homebound (to make thing worse!!). It is absolutely miserable outside and my pulse races horribly just from changing over the laundry. I think that is the second part of my depression - I have so much energy and I WANT to do stuff, but I just can't. It is miserable, and I want to do what is best for both me and baby. I really just wish I could be "normal" and be able to enjoy this expereince!!


Dia_ - May 23

Anne - thank you for your answer! I have been diagnosed with depression and it is really just a bummer. I am greatly fearing PPD, as I know I am going to have it. I was on lexapro and it was absolutely wonderful for me! I am just not sure I am going to be able to deal with the next 3 weeks of pregnancy without curling up in a little ball and not getting out of bed. I go to the dr tomorrow - I will let everyone knows what she says! Thanks so much for your support!!!


krc - May 24

gee, is there anyone who isn't depressed?


Dia_ - May 24

KRC that was completely uncalled for. How rude....this is a serious discussion.


DeeJay - May 24

I am glad that I can read these posts because I also suffer from the same symptoms. ( however I am not glad that other people have to suffer!!) I had panic attacts and anxiety prior to becoming preg, and did take meds. I have not had to take them yet while preg.(26 weeks) but I think I may need something soon, and my doc said it is ok if I need to take something. I did not really have depression prior to preg., but I do have those symptoms now. I am excited about the baby and I do have really good days. But my bad days are BAD! I am depressed about how I look( may sound silly, but not when you have depression), I am worried over such a big change in my crazy lifestyle(workaholic), and all the other worries that I am sure everyone has. For right now I just try to keep busy, or relax, breath slowly, and if I feel an attack coming on I try to sip some cool water, or something slightly sugary, for some reason that helps me. Deep down I know everything will be ok, but it is hard to feel that way day to day. Good luck to everyone.


melsmama - May 24

Dia_, I can understand being depressed and crying alot. My husband is also in the military and we just moved to where we are at the beginning of my last trimester. I have not been able to form any sort of support group and the closest family is 10 hours away. I have a daughter and after her birth, family was all around me, this time I don't even think anyone will be able to watch her while I am in labor (by the way I am 37wks). I talked with my doctor and they said they would not induce at all unless it was for the life of baby or mom. I have a military doc, they say it is against DoD policy. Also, I was on antidepressants prior to pregnancy, under doctor advice I stopped them when I became pregnant, however I planning to go back on them after this delivery.



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