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SARAH23 - May 23

I just wondered does anyone suffer from agraphobia and panic attacks. I am nearly 38 wks pregnant and suffer from both of these and just wanted some advice if anyone has any to help me get through it


ARD - May 23

Hi Sarah23....I have panic attacks and anxiety and have been treating them for years - except when I went off meds to begin trying for a baby last Sept. I have days when its worse than others, but the only way I get through this anxiety is actually talk myself out of it. I had it really bad early on in my pregnancy but now its not as bad (I'm 32 weeks). There is nothing wrong with getting medication for it and it doesn't hurt your baby. My doctor has already told me that if I want to go back on something to help with anxiety that I could, no problem. Better to take medication to control it than to have it control me and elevate blood pressure and potential difficulties with the baby. Otherwise, talk yourself out of it. You ARE going to be fine and get through this no matter what THIS is. Expressing concerns with others has also helped ease my anxieties. Good luck and everything will be ok!! :o)


SuzieQ - May 23

I haven't had anxiety in almost a year and then last night - boom!- two lovely attacks. So annoying. But I got through them without meds for now. I'm hoping to not have to take anything if I can help it. For me, it helps to read up on what anxiety is. Just reading how it's a natural body reaction rea__sures me that I"m not going crazy or anything. Also, knowing others have it has been a big help too. Read up what you can, get lots of rest, eat good, exercise, and try the relaxation techniques that are out there - they are good! Anyways, best wishes :)


SARAH23 - May 23

I have had this on and off since i was 15 im now 23. I have just started seeing a hypnotherapist. But it has got really bad since i started my maternity leave where im not even leaving the house. Im really nervous and anxious about going into hospital and what happens if i have a attack there. Ive read up everything there is. My fiancee is very supportive but i just want to get rid of these bad feelings



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