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Inny - May 8

Hi Ladies. I am just wondering if there is anyone else on this board who struggles with an anxiety disorder? I have 'worked' with mine for the past 8 years or so (through non-medicinal methods) and it seems to have hit a nasty peak during my pregnancy (I am 30 weeks). I am struggling with it but feel so incredibly overwhelmed and anxious (nervous, shaking, constant worry, hyperventilation, etc.). I usually exercise it away (!!) but can't do that now as my BH contractions are so strong. I want my baby to grow and development in the best environment possible - and I know that is not happening. Can anyone relate? Thx.


mayaB - May 8

I've also struggled with anxiety problems throught my life... I started using medication about 15 years ago and it was the only way I could get myself out of the house. When I got pregnant it was one of my biggest worries. I didnt want to take the medicine I was on.. and my anxiety seemed to be getting worse and worse. My doctor advised me not to stop the medicine because he said it was worse for the baby if I was suffering from anxiety. So I didnt stop, but I reduced. I've been reducing since I found out I was pregnant. and now I havent taken one tablet in 2 months. I've been lucky becuase the pregnancy hormones have affected me positively.. They've been like sedatives. :) I still feel odd at times. Like today going out I was feeling strange.. sweeting a little more than normal etc.. but I seem to be doing okay ... I dont have a stressful lifestyle either. and that probably helps. I havent worked in a year now, and that is probably another reason why I'm doing well w/out the medication..


mayaB - May 8

(I'm 39 weeks along)


eli83 - May 8

I've struggled with anxiety as well. I didn't have this problem before my pregnancy . Mine started around 20 weeks and I've suffered from its consequences, insomnia, shaking and etc. I am 35 weeks , but still suffering from it . I think as you approch to the end of your pregnancy , you will get better. I myself try to think positive, go shopping, speak with your loved ones and don't forget that God is always watching you and protecting you and your baby. My mom pa__sed away 2 years ago and I miss her everyday . she was the only person that could help me in my pregnancy and nobody else. that's why I got anxiety , worrying about my baby all the time, thinking about how I am going to take care of him. So don't let yourself and anything else stress over you. anxiety is something that your mind makes it and nothing real. so try to be strong and fight with yout problems instead of letting your body to lose itself.


Inny - May 8

Thank you for your posts mayaB and eli83 - they truly helped me. Sometimes I get so tired of fighting this disorder - more than anything it is just simply exhausting! Now that I am pregnant I worry about its effect on my baby. You are so right that anxiety is something in your mind - if you can learn to control that you are set. I am going to try some relaxtion methods (yoga, breathing, maybe talking to a counsellor) and really make it a priority. Thanks again...


Jenn2 - May 8

Inny- I have been having anxiety on and off throughout my pregnancy, but am trying to force myself to become calm and relaxed when I feel it creeping in. I do not take medication for it, but I can definately relate to what you are saying. This may sound kinof funny, but I try to find different quotes and sayings that I like and are positive and calming to my nerves. Whenever I start getting worked up......I take a deep breath and say them in my mind. Its tough when you are doing good and then a "life situation" pops up that upsets you and you have to start the whole process over again. The best thing to do is try to catch it before it can escalate.


angelbebe - May 8

Ugh! Yes, anxiety and pregnancy...liked myself better before pregnancy! : ) Just more sensitive and now, especially in my case, just too much free time to sit and think, think, think, and that can be a killer! I find exercise is the best in whatever form to burn off some of that, swimming, even just getting out of the house, or music. Anything to give me a quick mood change. Hard to motivate a change though when you are caught up in it though. Good luck to all of us!


SuzieQ - May 8

I get anxiety as well - although it comes and goes it seems. I'm only 19 weeks now, but am glad to know others are dealing with a similar issue. I used exercise as a way of helping, and now cleaning seems to help. Also, I tried hypnotherapy and I haven't gotten any "big" attacks since then :)



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