Anxiety About Getting An Epidural

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olive01 - July 10

Of course just going through labor does it, but I get really bad anxiety attacks esspecially when I'm not in control of things. I don't like drugs or being under the influence of things as it always made me panic. my sister however who experimented with many drugs during her pre-baby/husband stages loved it (epi) & said it was the best feeling of her life, just breezed right by...yea I don't think I will take the same to it seeing as I might hyperventilate when my body goes numb!!, so I'm gonna try to wait & be in control as long as possible until I get one. but my fear is that it will be too late. how far dialated can you get an epi anyways? anybody else have an anxiety disorder or just plain scared about this as well?


K8 - July 10

olive01 - i too have suffered from panic attacks for as long as i can remember, i have 5 days untill my due date and my biggest fear is that i will lose control during labour and freak out. I plan on having a natural birth and really dont want to get an epi. But if i need it i guess it will happen. We just need to learn to relax and remember that women have been doing this forever and we will make it thru this. At least thats what i keep telling myself. Ill let you kno how i go


Olivene - July 10

Hello. There is nothing that can happen that they haven't seen before. Olive, it sounds like you are a good candidate for a natural birth since you like to have some control. I'm not sure howlate you can get an epidural, but I'm sure some ladies on here know the answer. Try to remember that it is only a day or two of your life. You can do it!


dee23 - July 10

its only normal to feel like u do...u sound strong enough, just keep rea__suring urself that u can do it.i too am worried about lossing feeling in my legs and going nuts. worrying comes with the package so that thought seems to keep me carm. ur aloud to get the epi right up until u give birth..pretty much. if they spot that ur 9 or 10 cm's they most likely wont give it too u. good luck, i have 10 days to go and counting! i hope we all go as smoothly as possible, and hey, if it doesnt, it isnt the end of the world, and the end result will distract u considerably from the recovery if u dont get an epi.


ARD - July 10

Hi olive01....I have posted several times on the "July moms" thread about being scared to death about labor and delivery as I also have panic attacks and just worry so much in general. Like the other ladies have said, WE CAN DO THIS!!!! I keep telling myself that - and plus, when I start thinking about the pain or getting an epi or just the whole process....I envision my daughter's face and holding her tiny little body that now depends on me in my arms. That just warms my heart so much. But please know you're not alone and that everything will be fine. My sister also has terrible anxiety - she had her little girl last Sept. - she was over her due date, so she was induced. She got her epi around 4 cm (which she was freaking out about too I must say), but she said after those contractions she was feeling, having the epi felt like she was in HEAVEN!!! She laid there, read a book, and then the nurses/doctor came in, "Oh you're 10 cm, you can start pushing now", she was like "REALLY??"...she didn't even know it. Then when she started pushing it only took like 30 min. and baby Tatum was born. My sister said she didn't even feel her come out! I was amazed. But you hear how everyone is different and just my luck my experience won't be as blissful as that. But like all the other girls tell me on here....your body will know what to trust it....and to focus on the outcome. Good luck and keep us posted!!


MEO - July 10

I'm pretty sure you can opt for an epi pretty late in the game - and it doesn't necessarily make your body go completely numb, they can turn it up or down so if you got one and the sensation was too wacky they can adjust the meds with essentially immediate results, I think. Good to ask all these questions now, huh? When I am feeling too anxious, I have tended to just keep it all in my head - just getting it out on the table helps. So ask away.


everthiki - July 10

I am also feeling alot of anxiety around the epi. The whole needle thing freaks me out. You are not alone! When thinking about it out of context it is scarier. But when you are in the actual birth process it might actually work in your favor or you can choose to skip it. I think it's about keeping your focus on the outcome like ARD mentioned.....your beautiful baby! Try and stay positive! We can do this!



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