Any Advice For A First Time Mom

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meganmacg - February 5

For those of you who have kids... do you have any advice? It could be about anything... labor, items you and the baby can't live without, etc. For example, my friend with an 11 month old told me to always sleep when the baby does. Don't get carried away thinking his nap time means it's time for you to clean, cook, etc. His nap time should also be your name time.


clindholm - February 5

I think it's important to know that sometimes babies just cry & there is nothing you can do about it. Even when their fed, dry, rested etc. Just keep that in mind. Congrats and do sleep when your lo does!


elizabear - February 7

Definately great advice there. When it all gets too much and you cant settle bub, make sure all is safe, walk away for a few minutes, have a cry if you feel like it and then wash your face, take a few deep breathes to calm and then go pick up bub, wipe them over and try to settle will help to save your sanity....and while carrying pick one particular bit of music and do not do anything to it, just sit and relax.....i did that with my daughter, i used the beach boys, and when she got caught up in her crying i would step back, get myself calmed down and then put on the beach boys, wipe her over, pick her up check nappy and everything again, pop in the dummy, sit down and sing along to the music and she would settle and go to sleep.


tish212 - February 8

To add to what was said, When I had my first I had a "check list" per se.... start with diaper, then food, then sleep... checking off each thing that could cause my lil one to be upset...and for me it worked well... My pediatrician gave good advice too, that was touched on here, if there is a time you can't get your LO to stop crying, or you feel you can't handle it, put your child in a safe place, like crib or playpen and walk away for up to 10 mins to gather your thoughts and composure then go back and work on the situation...if you don't take SOME you time, you will burn out. Dont try to be "super mom" because it will also just burn you out... following your instincts and your heart will allow you to be a super mom even if you dont see it. Don't be afraid to ask for help if you need it... when the lack of sleep gets to you or you just need a break, ask for help... even if its for a couple hours it will help immensly... the greatest thing I bought was swaddle blankets from babies r us... they cost about $10 and the swaddle your LO perfectly and my DD LOVED to be swaddled to sleep, if she wasn't swaddled she wouldn't sleep, and I was NO good at doing it with a blanket so they helped soooo much... and later down the line the nuby feeding system was wonderful... its a small bottle that you place baby food it, and it has a "nipple" on it with 3 holes that the baby sucks the food can put the food out by pushing the bottom up through the bottle... (hard to explain but a life saver) they sell them at walmart for about $3 comes with a bottle with a regular nipple, and one with a feeder nipple and a spoon that you can put on the end of the bottle and push food out onto. Bippy leashes if you chose to use a pacifier... that way you aren't always searching for the lost bippy... (helped us the most at night when my daughter got older she would lose her bippy out of her crib and scream and scream, now we attach it to her jammies and she keeps it all night) we also have a small cd player and baby cd that plays while she naps or sleeps... it blocks out noises from our house so she doesn't get woke up... she doesn't need it to sleep but she enjoys it, and it helps sooo much... Also the johnson and johnson night time baby bath and lotion helps... it does soothe her at night and helps her sleep... and gas relief medicine, and the best one is the BOPPY PILLOW, i BF my daughter and it helped sooooo much, it placed her right in front of my b___st so i didnt have to lift and hold her while feeding... which would kill your back after a while.... and having the ba__sinet right next to our bed at night for the first few months (ok ok for the first 8 months) since the NEED to check to make sure they are ok and everything is well hits you ALL THE TIME, and being able to just roll over and watch her or touch her helped a lot. I know I keep going and going, but these are all the things that "saved" me and I plan on using with my next daughter who is due in July. I let my husband pick out our stroller- he chose a jogging stroller by baby trend with a matching carrier/carseat and it works wonderfully, rides on gra__s, rocks practically anything smoothly and feels so light you can push it with a finger while baby is in it... it has 4 cup holders 2 for mommy and 2 for baby, and TONS of room for stuff, i can put my diaper bag in the bottom of it, and tons of other stuff in the back compartment. Speaking of that I also LOVED wearing my daughter... so having baby carriers and wraps helped... left both my arms free and kept my daughter right with me... i started with a newborn one, then moved to a larger one that she could face in or out, then to a hip hammock that allows me to carry her on my hip without straining my arm...and leaves my arms free, they help so much since she wants to be carried ALL the time... if you plan to bf a good b___st pump... we kinda cheaped out the first time and at about 4 months old my pump stopped working in the middle of me pumping for the next day when she was going to stay with her mommom (grandmother) for a few hours... lanisol nipple cream also, since for the first few weeks it does hurt a bit but the lanisol relieves it instantly, you can get the cream or the b___st pads, and DEFINATLEY buy thicker b___st pads.. i bought little thin ones first... and had so many leak throughs while out in public, which was ma__sively embara__sing!! once I got the thicker ones I didn't have that issue again... thankfully lol Well thats all I can think of for now, its quite a bit, sorry to go on and on, i always ramble on lol... hope this helps and CONGRATS children are a wonderful gift... oh and one more thing... prepare yourself for the first moment you lay eyes on your baby, it is so overwhelming and wonderful you will NEVER forget it... take LOTS of pictures and just enjoy every minute... cuz they fly by!


llmommy - February 8

Yes! A good b___stpump: the best you can afford. That's if you're b___stfeeding, of course. With my first, I put it off for a long time, thinking it was too expensive. Then when I finally got one, it was so liberating. If you're not willing to use formula, (I wasn't) and if you don't have a b___stpump, you can't get away from your baby for more than an hour or two at a time, for months and months. You can really start to go crazy like that! I agree that "you" time is very important. What your friend says is right: get your sleep when you can. You can't take care of anyone else if you're not taking care of yourself. And when the baby just won't stop crying, no matter what you do, going crazy trying to console them doesn't make you a better mommy than one that steps away and calms herself for a few minutes. One thing I couldn't do without was my nursing coverup. ("HooterHider," or whatever you like to call it.) It was so much better than trying to deal with a blanket that always slipped down.


meganmacg - February 9

Thank you ladies! That's exactly the type of advice I'm looking for. I am doing my registry this week so I'll try to include some of the things you mentioned. 7 weeks away! HOLY SHINTO! :)


^lucy^ - February 12

yes plz listen to ur friend's advice as she told u words of wisdom lol :) i ALWAYS slept when my baby did cz otherwise, i would never ever have time to sleep. my dd nursed every 2 hrs during her first weeks of her life and she inly would take my b___st, not even expressed milk. GL and congrats



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