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amylove0701 - May 11

ok ladies im 37w+3d monday i was 3 cm 80% effaced and the baby was in -2 station./... so really low.... went back to the dr thrus for lack of fetal movement....i was 4 cm .... dr did monitor and wasnt happy with that so they did an ultra sound...sent me home told me not to worry just be aware of movement.... so friday i had only felt him once or twice in 6 hours so they sent me to the hospital to get back on the monitor.... which i hated cause i really didnt want to be the kind of prego women that run to the hos. all the time... but i went ... anyways i was stil at 4 and nearly 100% effaced having irregular contractions.....the dr who wanted to deliever was just getting off and the new dr said send me home...anyways.... question is.... im 4 cm nearly 100% effaced and the baby is very low..... any thing i can do speed up early labor.....s_x is really not an option i feel the baby is tooo low for all that....any advice is welcome.....


disko love - May 11

all i can say is perhaps maybe walking a little bit. but your baby will come when he is good and ready. good luck. :o)


sashasmama - May 11

They are really not supposed to send you home if you are 4 cm. Walking definitely does the trick though.


amylove0701 - May 12

i know there isnt much i can do...i didnt think they were supose to send me home either.... i walked the rest of the weekend mainly cause it just bothered me to sit or lay..... im pretty sure i have made MORE progression since ..... i wonder at what point they will keep me in when his head is popped out???


Faye84 - May 12

wow, i always thought if you are at 4CM they keep you in the hospital... weird. i thought that was considered active labor. well, the only thing i can think of is do as much walking around as you can, hopfully your water will break since there is so much pressure down there. good luck!


Faye84 - May 12

Amy maybe this means you wil have a quick labor!



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