Any April Mommies Out There

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newparents2be - January 5

Alright April mommies, we are finally in our third trimester. Yay!!!! Anyone else feeling the fatigue coming on already? I am so tired again!


Megan P - January 5

Yes, I want to sleep all day now! I'm due April 4th. I've got a 16 month old and am trying to work from home. How's everyone else?


newparents2be - January 7

I'm due April 4th too! This is my first. I can't wait for maternity leave from work!


lana3 - January 7

hello. i am due in april...


Jody - January 8

Hi! I'm due April2 with my second. I have a 29 month old daughter. I'm feeling pretty good but tired.


2XMom - January 8

I am due April 29th with my second. I have been feeling pretty good, but I have been wiped out this week. Cant wait til April!!!!


april09 - January 10

I'm due April 6th with my 2nd & 3rd and I'm exhausted. Chasing my 2 /12 year old around and work have just wiped me out! I feel like I still have tons to do before the new arrivals. We've painted the nursery and I've bought tons of clothes and blankets etc (having boys so at least I get to shop!) but other than that, we haven't actually set the room up. It's currently our bedroom and I haven't felt up to moving our room downstairs yet. We've also purchased the additional car seat, bases, and traded in both cars for something bigger that will hold all three car seats. How prepared is everyone else?


Jenn0466 - January 13

Oh wow, I'm due April 16th with my first...and it's a girl! Taylor Marie is the name we picked out. I bought a bouncer, saucer, and swing so far and everything for the nursery except the crib and dresser/changing table bc that's what my mom is getting me for my shower. I can't wait to get the crib up so I can put everything in her room the way I want! I've been feeling great only complaint is getting really bad heartburn from eating certain foods or drinking soda. Kind of a pain but I guess I've survived it so far! 3 more months left!!! I'm so excited...I'm going to get a 3D/4D ultrasound this Sunday...anyone else had one done yet or planning on getting one? I'll post back and let you all know how it goes!


crystalpa - January 27

new to the site due in april on the 7th but history shws I usually go at 36 weeks.


freeflyingangel - January 28

Hello, i'm due between April 2nd and 7th. this is my second baby as i have an almost two year old son already(he will be two on feb 7th)...


newbie09 - February 2

hi i'm new to the site. due on april the 16th with my first child and i'm having a girl. the fatigue is diffinitly setting in more and more these days. had a nap today as soon as i came home from work, better enjoy the opp. now when i can to sleep like this in the middle of the afternoon. i want to go out and buy everything for my baby but i'm holding back a bit. any advise on what i actually need?


Ash+3 - February 3

im due april 28th with triplets!!!


Fall - February 3

I'm a April mumma.... just not on here much. I have been coming to this site since I was trying to get pregnant with my second son............. I am so tired (I have a 7yr. son and a 14m son) so so tired :)


veechaa - February 5

Yep.Am due on 4th of April and am both eccited and scared since tis is my first experience.Am still contemplating on which Pain relif to use when the time comes.


kim4 - February 5

signs of premature labour since I was close to 5 months. I have been resting. I am just counting down the weeks ahead. Should be back out to work on 23rd feb. Not sure if i will be able to make it though. Time will tel.. I am just asking God to give all of us a safe delivery


Jenn0466 - February 28

Newbie09, I am also due April 16th with a GIRL! This is my first as well. I seriously am getting really scared. I'm totally ready for her to be here....I have a baby shower next weekend March 8th and another March 15th. But I have been so excited that I practically bought everything myself. I couldn't wait! I think I'm just really scared about the labor and delivery. No matter what people say, I just can't fully understand what to expect and what's going to actually happen. I want to try to go natural, I'm TERRIFIED of needles and from what I hear, those epidural needles are huge. Of course, we will have to wait and see just exactly how much pain I'm in. I'd like to think I'm a pretty tough girl, but don't know what to expect! Congrats to all the April mommies!!! March begins tomorrow and were only a month away from April!!!! :) Yay! Can't wait to meet my little Taylor Marie.


Jenn0466 - February 28

P.S. thought I'd update and let everyone know her nursery is completely finished! I'm so in love with it. I bought everything from Babies R Us. I went with the Gossamer Wings Collection by Kidsline. It's adorable, with bright pastel colors and b___terflies, dragonflies, snails, and flowers. Her crib, dresser/changer combo, and armoire are all white bc I thought it went well with the bedding set. I seriously just go into her room and relax on the glider/ottoman and read my baby books because her room is SO adorable and I love being in there! Can't wait to have her in my arms instead of the books. hehe :) I also go a 3D/4D ultrasound done and I'm so glad I did. I got a CD with like 60 photos and a DVD recording of the entire ultrasound which was like 40 minutes long and it's got cute baby music in the background. I think I paid like $136 for the package. But I needed rea__surance that I WAS indeed having a girl and I was also starting to get really impatient. I feel relieved now that I've gotten a nice little sneak peek at her and have seen how cute she is and how far she's come along since my 19 wk US! Plus, it was nice to share with my family and they enjoyed seeing her as well. I had 8 people in there with me watching her on the huge flat screen! She kept sticking her tongue out at us and wouldn't stop moving! Overall, it was a great experience and a wonderful keepsake, and if you can spare the extra money, I'd HIGHLY recommend it! :)



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