Any Breastfeeding Veterans

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sarah21 - December 27

I am pregnant with my first, due in March, and I was talking to a friend of mine and she said she could only last br___tfeeding for 6 months, when her son decided to start biting her and she couldn't take it anymore. I really want to try to br___tfeed for at least a year, so I am looking for any remedies you smart ladies have for stopping the biting when it starts, because I know it's a really common problem.


sahmof3 - December 27

I b___stfed all 3 of mine. Does that count as a veteran? lol I never had too much biting trouble. Each one did it several times, but I would just kind of automatically jump and shout a little and I think it scared them. Occasionally they would start to clamp down as they were drifting off. I started to have a 6th sense of when it was about to happen and got my finger in there to break the suction. But, I honestly never had it bad enough to stop altogether. I lucked out in that regard, I guess.>>> I bf my first (ds) until 11 1/2 months. At 10 1/2 months he started getting down while still attached and trying to walk away, so that was the end of daytime nursing sessions LOL. He still bfed at night and first thing in the morning, though, until 11 1/2 months. >>> I bfed my 2nd (dd) until a bit past 9 months. I got pregnant when she was 8 months and I was having a lot of cramping when she would nurse, so I thought it would be best to wean. As soon as I could get her to take a bottle I weaned her. >>>My youngest (ds) nursed until 13 months. I was going to stop at a year, but, uh, just kind of never got around to completely weaning him until then. it was kind of like tonight will be the last time, no tonight, no tonight LOL. He had been weaned from daytime nursing sessions from about 11 months on because he started to prefer the sippy cup during the day. I had to have surgery when he was 14 months, though, so that motivated me to finally get him nighttime weaned.


cayingo - December 27

My DD went through the biting bit when she started teething. Her pediatrician told me basically babies are like animals, they need to be conditioned to what you want them to do. She suggested I give DD a gentle, but firm, flick on the sole of her foot when she bit me and say "no, that hurts." At first I thought it sounded a little mean, but I tried it and it really worked after just a few exposures to it. It didn't hurt her at all just alerted her to an unfavorable condition. You'll find gentle conditioning, training, and consistency are CRUCIAL in EVERTHING you do as a parent.


britt_m - December 28

I agree with cayingo. I found the method were you pull the baby into the b___st when he/she bites to work the best for me. She seemed to like it when I let out a yelp! Altho both these methods may get alot of commotion going.


sarah21 - December 28

Lol Britt-- I had to laugh at thinking that your little one liked your yelping. Thanks for the advice. I figured it couldn't be too big of an issue but I certainly didn't know how to deal with it.



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