Any Feb Moms Left

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DDT - February 14

Well, I am due in 4 days (18th Feb) which makes me 39w3d. I had my first internal check yesterday and baby is head-down, my cervix is soft and low & baby is at -2 station. So, some progress but not much. I feel like I have been pregnant forever. I had more BH contractions and cramping last week than I have had this week. I feel like things have stalled. If I don't go into labour by myself then the 27th is the date scheduled for my induction (2 weeks away!!). I really don't want to be induced though. Hopefully baby comes soon. Any other Feb Moms out there??


cyclemom - February 14

DDT- I feel just like you!! My due date is today. I am 100% effaced, baby at station 0 (OUCH!!!) but my Dr. can't reach my cervix because it is still posterior and my baby's head is so low. It is getting unbearable!! I get BH contractions and cramping all day and all night long. My Dr. scheduled me to be induced on the 22nd. She wants to induce me now, but I really want to try to go natural and would prefer not to be induced. I don't know how many more sleepless nights and miserable days I can take though!! I want to go into labor SO bad!!!! GL and hope we both go into labor soon!


Carly XxX - February 14

i thought i was the only one left!! lol. im due 2moro (15th). had midwife appointment yesterday and they arranged my nxt normal weekly appointment 4 nxt tue (if nothing happens by then of course, hopefully it will) and if nothings happening theyre gon book my induction for 5 or 6 days later. i really dont want to be induced though. gonna go for a nice long walk tomorrow and drive over lots of speed bumps i think lol. i know it sounds bad but i just want her out! i really have had enough now. hope everyones ok x


missycc4 - February 14

I'm due the 24th. In a lot of pain. I have my Dr. appt Monday. I hope that there will be cervix changes. I'm done being pregnant. I'm doing the walking, my spouse won't have s_x with me so can't rely on that to help with labor. I hope I go into labor soon. I'm soooo ready.


Seredetia - February 14

I'm still left. Due date is February 16th. I won't be able to go into labor naturally, so I have a sceduled c-section on the 16th in the morning. I have dialated minimally and am at 50% effaced. Nothing's happening, but false labor 2 days ago. Had a fever and baby's heart beat was elevated...they were going to take her out that night, but I'd already eaten. Now we're just waiting.


DDT - February 14

Oh good! I am not alone, and glad there are others to share my misery (lol). I am anxious to have my baby finally here, but do realize that I should probably enjoy this last stretch when I can feel baby still moving inside me. It will be strange not feeling him anymore. I've tried s_x (very uncomfortable-no way I can have an orgasm!), nipple stimulation with b___st pump (got tired of sitting there pumping away at my b___b-by the way...white fluid started coming out of them...hmm), I've been taking evening primrose oil for about 2 weeks now (not very diligently though), and I'm walking tons! Nothing! I was feeling some cramping today...



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