Any Feb Moms Turning Into Jan Moms

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tritty - January 23

I was wondering how many of you out there that were originally february moms are now being scheduled for inductions or c-sections (or have already had your baby) in january? my due date was feb 8 (we're assuming because the whole pregnancy was a surprise) but the baby has been measuring large and now my blood pressure is starting to go up so they're inducing on Jan 31st. i know, that's almost feb but it's still jan. anyone else in the same boat?


Gavinsmom - January 23

Hi Tritty! My original due date was Valentine's day! I have a c-section in 2 days...Jan 25th b/c my little guy is footling breech. He is stuck and his growth has slowed, so he will be born at 37w1d. I am SO afraid of surgery, but SO excited to finally meet him! I will post my birth experience when I get home this weekend! :) Please keep us in your thoughts!


starlight_94 - January 23

Nope, still here and waiting. Im due Feb 15th, and its not coming fast enough. Only 23 days left :)


Gretta - January 23

Goodluck Gavin's mom!!! Hope all goes well for you!


tritty - January 23

best of luck to you gavinsmom! i'm a little nervous about my induction ending in c-section too (there's a higher chance when you're induced) but at this point i figure whatever i have to do to make sure the baby is healthy i'll do. i'm sure that you'll be fine and in very good hands. not to mention the fact that YOU FINALLY GET TO MEET YOUR BABY! HORRAY! that's the best part. i'll look forward to reading your birth story! good luck!


mamagoose - January 23

GAAA! I'm in the opposite boat! My due date is Jan 31, but we have NO PROGRESS over here, this baby is happy to stay put. I was told I'd be induced on February 9th if baby hasn't come by then. My original due date was January 23rd. I feel like very time I go to the doctor's, they find another reason to postpone or elongate this pregnancy! I just know the induction will turn into a c-section, so I really want to have this baby before then!


chiechie25 - January 23

My original due date was February 6 but I am having a scheduled c-section January 30.


lovelylady24 - January 23

Yes I am originally due Feb. 4th but since I have GD my doctor does not want me to go until or at least pa__s my due date so she is inducing me supposely Jan.30th at 6am.


juju - January 24

Im inducing on the 29th and im due on the 6th, at 38 wks i measure 42 cm, wow thats 4 cm bigger then what i should be my Dr said hes gonna be big


juju - January 24

wow seems like alot of us are due pretty close and having induction pretty close, are yall first time moms? Are yall scared nervous? im a 1st time mom, I know i am.


tritty - January 24

wow, so we have an induction on the 29th, two on the 30th and then me on the 31st. we're gonna get a lot of birth stories all at the same time on here :) but it's about time. for awhile there were none and then a few here and there and just wait until everyone is flooded with our stories :)


Gavinsmom - January 24

Hey, don't forget me...I have a c-section tomorrow!


tritty - January 24

that's right! i wasn't excluding you, i was just doing the days in a row (and you're lucky enough to be a few days ahead of the rest of us). GOOD LUCK! i hope you get a good nights sleep tonight and are well rested for your little ones arrival tomorrow. WHAT AN EXCITING DAY! can't wait to hear the news!



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