Any February Moms Feeling More Than Ready To Have Their Baby

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LM - January 2

Hi ladies, just wondering if anyone is feeling that the weeks are starting to drag? My baby boy is due February 20th which really isn't that far away but time feels like its going in slow motion. His also measuring large for dates which is scary me.. I can't imagine giving birth to a ten pound baby.


al - January 2

Hi! I am due Feb. 22nd and I feel very ready to have this baby. Right now I am trying to enjoy quiet time including reading and relaxing. I know once the baby will change forever!


rizo123ex4 - January 2

Hi i'm due feb 18th but they are taking Logan at 36wks 3 d but yes i'm so ready to meet him


Amber - January 2

God, yes, ready ready ready! I know its impatient of me, but i want to start walking like the DAY i hit 37 weeks. I am so ready to have him! My DD is 2-14... but god thats forever away!


Jeanan - January 2

Hi I am due feb. 23rd...I am so ready to have this baby also...more because I just wanna know what my little girl looks like more than anything....for the most part I feel pretty good other than I am on my feet for like 8 hours a day and sometimes I have trouble sleeping at night....this is my first and I am hoping that she comes on time as I have heard that first timmers usually go over the due date....=)


Counting Down - January 2

I am due February 4th and I am getting so anxious. I can't wait to meet this little one! I really hope that I don't go over my due date but this is my first and like Jeanan I've heard that it's likely to go over. My doctor told me that as long as she feels that the baby and I are doing well she would let me go as much as 14 days. Ugh! I really hope I don't have to wait that long! lol, oh well, it'll all be worth it!


BB - January 2

I am due w/ my first (a boy) on Feb. 3rd. I was just telling my dh that I don't know how I am going to handle another month feeling this horrible! I can't wait to meet him but I still have so much to do. I wish I had more energy ;-)


denise - January 3

Hi, I'm due with my first on Feb 22nd and I'm still feeling great. It's hard to tie my shoes now and I'm tired more often but other than that I feel really good. I have enough things to do that keep me busy so it feels like the time is going by quick. I can't wait to meet this little one though!!!


dwc - January 3

I am due Feb 13th and gosh am I ever ready. I am still vomiting a good bit, and am just miserable. I can not wait to get the baby here and be able to hold it and hear it cry etc. I also can not wait till I can actually enjoy a meal and not worry about whether I am going to be sick or not... Good luck to everyone, our time is getting closer!!!! I try to hold on to that thought, but it doesn't really make it any better :)


LM - January 3

It's so great to see I'm not the only one feeling that way... now if I could only convince my partner that its not just me. The thought of going past my due date is not appealing at all. Hopefully he will show up on time or a couple of weeks early. Finding a comfortable place to rest seems impossible, even our bed is tough although I have a stack of pillows that prop my stomach up.


BB - January 3

my dh is getting impatient too. Its so funny. He always talks to my tummy and says why don't you come out so we can play. Its awefully cute! If I didn't have such bad swelling I think I would be more patient.....maybe!


elizabeth - January 3

My due dates have changed a bit so at first i was due the 15th and now the 17th so yea not a big difference but so ready to meet my lil boy or girl. I am miserable, i cant sleep and have the worst leg cramps in the world and swelling in my feet so bad and some in the hands. Now i just got a sinus infection and sore throat so yea im horrible anyway. I love being pregnant though, but so ready, but also scared. Couldnt find out what the baby was at my 18 week appointment because legs were crossed the whole time, so now im almost 34 weeks and still dont have one clue in my mind. EXCITING!!!!! im happy, but if i go overdue i am going to cry haha..


jb - January 3

YES!!! I cant wait. I am 34 weeks, due 2/15. The next six weeks seem like they will take forever! I cant wait to see her and hold her. I am also getting nervous about labor. I am hoping that she has turned head down so I dont have to get a c-section.


jmommy#1 - January 3

I am 35 weeks and two days today! I am going crrrazzyyy!! This is my fourth child and I cant wait to meet her! I feel aweful, I have gained way too much weight already (36#) I am tired, my b___sts hurt, I have thought I was in labor at least 7 times in the last week but it must be my nerves, my doc said if I dialate to one that he will order my csection!! So that makes it even more difficult because I may have already dialated?? I need this site to vent on my hubby is so wonderful but I think he is even more anxious for this "journey" to be over. I am measuring at 37 weeks but I am only 35 so people ask me daily oh your due any minute arent you, and I now say YES! I hate that pitty they give when they realize I still have four weeks. I do get my c section at thirty eight weeks though. I have a question, does any one have any suggestions about insomnia, I have been waking up every night at 3:30 and not able to go to sleep until 5:30 and I am so tired.


maria - January 4

I am 33 and a half wks, and I am so ready to have my's getting to the point where I can feel all his little body parts....and this baby boy really has no more room...I am due Feb.19....but for some reason I think I am having him sooner!!! I really am ready to have him..I don't think I can get over his feet in my ribs..every night the feet in the ribcage...he even gave me a bruise, my husband freaked out at how strong our son has kicked me in the past, now he squirms and has his feet in the ribs. He also loves to be on my right side alot of the time, never on my left, his whole body on my right....I wonder if that is normal?


beckyjms - January 4

hiya im due on 2nd feb cant wait to meet my little boy but im getting ver impatient because i feel terrible constant aches and pains everywhere so the sooner he comes out the better good luck to everyone and congrats!!!!!!



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