Any Ideas On How To Get Better Sleep

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Heasty - November 23

I'm having such a hard time sleeping. It's either my back, my bladder, or the baby moving around. I've tried the pillow between the legs, hot showers before bed, and even the old warm milk trick (YUCK) but nothing seems to work. Anyone know anything that can help me? I'm sure my partner would appreciate it. I'm constantly waking him up!


Michelle - November 25

Talk to your doctor about taking tylenol pm. I have taken it after so many weeks it is ok.


Shawnta Kent - November 29

I am 30 wks OB. I would ask your Dr. first, but my Dr said that it is ok for me to use a regular dose of Benadryl on occasion to bring on the ZZZ's. It does work but the problem is that you can't use it every night.


Christine - November 29

Well the bladder have to try and stop drinking as much as possible after 6 pm....otherwise your going to have a bladder that needs to be relieved throughout the for the baby...make sure your not eating or drinking anything that would giving him/her an energy peak before bed...if its may just have a night try going to sleep to some soothing music..maybe it will help the baby calm for the back...I dont know...if you find something help me...the best I have found is propping myself up with pillows, it works most of the time but I still wake up usually with a sore back...ask your partner to give you a ma__sage before bed...maybe loosening the muscles will help throughout the night...good luck and if you come up with any good remedies let us all know


amber - November 30

I asked my Dr what i could do to sleep better she said there's really nothing to be done. I am constantly waking up to pee, or to turn onto my other side as my hip will start to hurt bad after so long of laying on it and go down my leg. I am 34 weeks and 3 days, sadly can only tell you it gets worse....All i can suggest is pillows between your knees, maybe one under your lower back. Best of luck!



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